ENGWE EP-2 Review
Sergio Montana

ENGWE EP-2 Review

Electric off-road bike with big wheels

ENGWE is Shenzhen company founded in 2014, who design high quality, stylish and durable electric bikes which perform superbly across a multitude of different environments. Their tagline “What we want is just let you have a new way to enjoy riding”. Let’s see what the company provide us in their new model of electric bike ENGWE EP-2 in our review.

The ENGWE EP-2 is a stylish and large electric bike.

In this review, I will share with you the main technical characteristics of an electric bike, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Will the new electric bike model surprise you?

ENGWE EP-2: Specification

Motor Type: geared
Frame material: aluminum
Power: 500W
Rated voltage: 48V 2A DC
Cruising range: up to 60 km
Battery type: removable Li-ion
Battery charging time: 6 hours
Wheel diameter: 20" x 4"
Drive: rear
Fork type: spring-oil
Brakes type: disc mechanical
Number of speeds: 7
Control type: throttle stick / assistant
Screen: LCD
Maximum load: up to 150kg
Battery capacity: 12.5 Ah
MAX speed: up to 38 km / h
Rear derailleur: Shimano
Weight: 29 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 167 x 167 x 52 cm

In the box

Inside the box with the electric bike itself you will also find: two pairs of battery and ignition keys, two remote controls, English documentation, as well as a 48V 10Ah rechargeable battery and a 2A charger.

Design and construction

Some people want compact city bikes as they take up less space. But there are people who don't trust small bikes. They prefer to have a big and powerful bike that can be ridden even in tight spaces.

The first thing that catches your eye when examining the ENGWE EP-2 is the large 20-inch wide wheels. The size is 20 x 4 inches, which is quite a lot for a regular city bike.

Also, the electric bike received a massive and sturdy frame, which is made of aluminum alloy. In addition, the wheels themselves are not spoke, but are made of an aluminum alloy, which gives a certain rigidity and confidence even on bad roads.

Almost every bike has a folding mechanism, and the ENGWE model is no exception. The bike frame can be folded down easily if needed, saving nearly half the space of its original size. Thus, you can easily transport your bike in the trunk of even a small hatchback.

But of course, the ENGWE EP-2 will not be as easy to carry as, for example, more compact and smaller e-bikes. Keep in mind, however, that the bike weighs around 29kg.

The frame houses a removable battery, so you don't have to bring the entire bike home every time to recharge the battery. In terms of capacity, the bike is equipped with a 12.5 Ah battery. In this case, a full battery charge will take up to 6 hours.


In terms of electric motor power, the ENGWE EP-2 uses a 500 W motor that can easily start the bike from a place. The maximum speed of the bike reaches 38 km per hour, and to be honest, for such a giant it is even a lot.

The build quality and components, both mechanical and electrical, are at a good level.

There is a 4-inch LCD screen on the steering wheel of the bike. It is easy to read even in sunny weather and displays a lot of useful information. These are speed, which mode is used, travel time, cruising range and battery level. Naturally, the screen itself is protected from water, dust and drops.

Plus there is the ability to enter a submenu to fine-tune the controller for your riding style. A USB port for charging gadgets is also present. In the area of the carriage there is a magnetic sensor, which makes it possible to move not only on the throttle stick, but also in assistant mode.

Of the lighting devices, there is a headlamp with a sufficiently bright and wide light spot. And the rear light works in the same way as the headlight from the battery of an electric bike, in the mode of dimensions and brake light. Unfortunately, there are no direction indicators in this model.

In use

The ENGWE EP-2 travel range depends on the operating conditions and operating conditions. For example, a bicycle can travel about 30-35 km on pure electric traction. If you pedal, the cruising range will increase to 50-60 km. The rear wheel has 7 gears from the Shimano brand, which allows you to use the usual riding mode, like on a bicycle, as well as, in which case, drive to the nearest outlet to recharge.

The maximum speed that can be kept on electric traction is 38 km / h, if necessary, nothing prevents you from accelerating using the pedals. During testing, the maximum actual speed recorded by the GPS tracker remained between 33-35 km / h.

During testing, some flaws were identified.

For example, seemingly wide and massive fenders in practice turned out to be ineffective in protecting against water and dirt, which is even more intensely scattered in different directions by the off-road tire tread.

The front shock is of mediocre quality, but when combined with wide low-pressure tires, the e-bike passes any bumps and obstacles quite gently.


I have no complaints about the quality of the assembly, the welding of the frame and the materials used. But when it comes to price, a new electric bike is not the cheapest pleasure. For example, you can currently purchase the ENGWE EP-2 for $ 999.99 on Gearbest.

From experience of use, you can definitely say that if you switch to an off-road electric bike from a regular electric bike, the first time you use it, you will be overwhelmed with positive emotions. Probably, something similar can be experienced by changing from a passenger car to an SUV.
The ENGWE EP-2 electric bike definitely deserves your attention.

ENGWE EP-2 500W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike with 48V 12.5Ah Lithium-ion Battery



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