Alfawise T1S: Low-Cost Sportive Waterproof Smartwatch
Abdelhak khai

Alfawise T1S: Low-Cost Sportive Waterproof Smartwatch

There are a large number of smartwatches on the market, each with a different price, depending on the quality of manufacture and the technical features it provides. In this review, I will talk to you about a smartwatch that is cheap, but it is of high quality, and it is made from the famous company Alfawise and its name is Alfawise TS1, the price is only 18.99 dollars.

Alfawise T1S Sports Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Blood Pressure Oxygen Monitor IP67 Waterproof 1.3 inch Color Screen



This watch comes with a circular 240 x 240-dimensional screen surrounded by gray metal, and it has black silicone bands made of silicone, according to its design, I think it is more suitable with sportswear, I do not advise you to buy it if you are wearing classic clothes, because its design does not fit this type of clothing.

Regarding technological features, Alfawise ST1 has a sensor on the back, this sensor touches your hand, and it measures your heartbeat in such a way that you can track your heart activity all the time and get a live report. In addition to this, this watch enables you to measure blood pressure and this is very useful for taking care of your health and it also tracks blood oxygen and sleeps.

The sensor built-in this watch also tracks distances and calories when walking, jogging or while riding a bike. These features are good for tracking your health and caring for your health all the time.

As for the rest of the features of Alfawise ST1, it supports smart notifications. When you receive a message to your smartphone the watch vibrates to inform you of the arrival of a new notification.

Also, you Pressing on a button in this smartwatch to take the picture, by the way, Alfawise ST1 has a battery with a capacity of 240 mAh and this is good for long use.

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