Xiaomi BEEBEST XA90 Professional Astronomical Telescope 90mm Main Mirror Caliber
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Xiaomi BEEBEST XA90 Professional Astronomical Telescope 90mm Main Mirror Caliber

When children’s dreams come true
From childhood, many of us dreamed of looking at the “endless sky covered with stars and planets.” The BEEBEST company decided to carry out our childhood dreams by firing a telescope with a 90 mm lens, which will allow you to look into the very “depths” of space.

Unique design and clear image
The special design of the BEEBEST telescope allows more light to penetrate inside the device, which significantly improves the picture quality. The device provides the Prosperity eyepiece (PL) with a 600-mm focal length, which provides a more effective increase in the image. Due to this, the user of the BEEBEST telescope will be able to observe not only the planets of the Solar System, but even the stars from different constellations.

Finding the necessary space objects with the BEEBEST telescope is very easy, because it is equipped with search, equatorial and other professional search tools.

Take pictures from your smartphone and share content with friends
One of the “chips” of the telescope is the presence of a special stand for the smartphone, which will allow you to capture an unforgettable view of the starry sky and share the results of shooting with your friends.

Large lens with FMC
The huge universe contains many planets and constellations. Want to see volcanic craters on the moon? Or watch the largest planet of the solar system, Jupiter? With the BEEBEST telescope – this has become possible.

In the BEEBEST telescope, the manufacturer uses a lens with a diameter of up to 90 mm. Due to such a large diameter, the lens will provide coverage of a larger amount of light, which will improve the quality and clarity of the picture. In addition, the lens has a multi-layer FMC structure (Full Multi Coated – Enlightenment of all optical surfaces with a multi-layer coating), which helps reduce reflection and improve the field of light transmission.

2 eyepieces PL6 and PL20 included
Manufacturer BEEBEST focuses on the quality and reliability of their products. That is why the telescope has a durable shock-resistant body. The BEEBEST telescope comes standard with a PL6 (100 times magnification) and PL20 (30 times magnification) eyepieces. Each lens has an FMC coating, which significantly reduces the loss of light and makes the picture clearer.

The advantage of a 90 mm lens over 80 mm
Below you can visually see a comparison of images with 80 mm and 90 mm lens.

Additional features of the product
Among other features of the BEEBEST telescope it is worth noting:

Wide viewing angle – 45 degrees.
The mechanism of circular rotation.
Subtle guidance system.
Ability to install and connect your smartphone.

Stand for smartphones up to 80 mm wide
The telescope has a special stand for placing a smartphone with a width of no more than 80 mm. When the smartphone is placed on the eyepiece, astronomical observations will be recorded as video. Thanks to this, you can watch the “epic” recording of the starry sky and share it with your friends.

The BEEBEST telescope comes with a comfortable tripod made of aluminum alloy and a reliable protective cover with company logo.

Xiaomi Outdoor Astronomical Telescope Main Mirror Caliber Aluminum 90mm High Magnification HD



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