Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC vs Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM: Which Digital Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer is Better?
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Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC vs Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM: Which Digital Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer is Better?

Most times we’re in the dilemma of making choices of which brand of product to go for. Not only do we experience this, but we are also confronted by conflict on thermometer hygrometer that will serve the purposes that we have in mind. You are concerned about battery life, specs, price and many more.

You will agree with me that there are several indoor temperature humidity monitoring devices such as the Govee Wifi Temperature sensor, Ambient Weather WS-8482-X3, Elitech RCW-800A, etc., are in the market as well as Xiaomi Mijia brands. These are simple devices that a. These are simple devices that allow you to know the value of the temperature-humidity of your house or office at any particular time.

For this writing, we would be highlighted by comparing and contrasting Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC and Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM thermometer hygrometer. Also, we’d make suggestions on which is preferable between the two.

Perhaps, you don’t know what a Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer is, below is a simplified description.

What is a Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer?

A Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer is a measuring or sensor device that can be used to monitor the humidity and temperature of an enclosed structure e.g., inside of a house, and office space. It is commonly known for monitoring the in-house or indoor climate of a place. Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer is designed such that you can readily connect with it and monitor the condition of the environment it is meant to monitor. For example, if you have a temperature-humidity monitoring device like Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC and Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM within your home, you can easily connect with it from the office. And while in the office, if you have the device also in the seminar room, you can monitor it there too. The fun and most interesting part of this is that it is designed such that it can be linked with your smartphone for you to appropriate from anywhere depending on the range the transmission can cover. For instance, a temperature-humidity monitoring device can notify you if you are likely to have mold forms in your bath soon, it can also suggest to you for you to take precautions.

Another fantastic fact about Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer is that it generates your indoor climate data for you to be informed. And that in way can influence you to modify your behavior as regards the weather in the house.

How does it work?

Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer is a remote monitoring device that provides environmental data about the indoor climate of the house. It is capable of recording data on several days of indoor humidity and temperature and transmits the data wirelessly. 

With the devices connected to the app on your smartphone, you’re set to go using your digital thermometer. Let’s have a sneak peek of how the digital hygrometer works. Hygrometer simply measures the capacitance of air and calculates the humidity. The baseline of every digital thermometer hygrometer monitoring device is that in a typical capacitive hygrometer – by design, there are metal plates separated by air between them.

Higher condensation of water in the air affects the capacitance of the plate (being able to store static electric charge). So, by measuring the static energy that can be stored, it is easy to measure the humidity.

You might probably be wondering if you would need a thermometer hygrometer. But the fact is that this new technological device is in vogue when it comes to monitoring your indoor climate. For example with a smart temperature humidity monitor, you can monitor your laboratories, storerooms, seminar rooms in your organization, computer rooms and also your house.

These are the benefits of using a digital thermometer. You may be thinking of how to view the temperature of many locations from a single phone. The fact is that you view data from many meters or device location from your smartphone at any time. You need this monitoring device to make better-informed behavior modification, most especially in the house. 

Another thing is if you have an infant in the house, a thermometer hygrometer is perfect for you. This is because it helps to monitor and communicates appropriate indoor climate good for everyone in the environment. it has some interesting features aside communicating climate of the environment, it can help adjust its state. If indoor humidity is too low, it can open the humidifier- thanks to the digital thermometer. And when the indoor temperature is too high, it can open the air conditioner.

Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC and Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM are brands of smart temperature humidity monitory devices you need to acquaint yourself with to make an informed choice.

Below shows a comparison between these two brands of thermometer hygrometer monitoring devices that you must know about.

SPECIFICATIONS comparison Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC vs Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM

SpecsXiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMCMijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM
Range of temperature-9.9℃ - 60℃     -0℃ - 60
Range of humidity0 – 99.9%0% – 99% RH

FEATURES similarity  of  Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC and Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM


Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC


Connection APP

Mijia App

Mijia App

Built-in sensorion temperature humidity sensor



Energy consumption



Package powered by 1 x AAA



Bluetooth Getaway

Bought separately

Bought separately

Screen resolution



Wall sticker for placement



Can connect with IOS and others




FEATURE differences between Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC and Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM


Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC


Display type

Displays comfort level with interpretation using funny cartoon expression such as very cute, and simple

Displays comfort level but no expression. You will have to figure out what the figures on the monitor imply.


The package comes with and is powered by 1 x CR2032 battery

The package comes with and powered by 1 x AAA battery

Battery life

1 x CR2032 can be powered for almost a year.

1 x AAA battery can be powered for a year and you will have to change it


Cheaper $7.99

Cheap $15.11

Which Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer is more worth buying?

Are you keen on choosing the best Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer devices that can serve you? At the time of this writing, information present to us that Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC is more user-friendly than Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM in terms of user adaptation. Furthermore, while Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC comes with an in-built battery, and you are free from making extra little purchases and this is unlikely of Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM which package does not include AAA battery. 

Also, another intriguing thing between these two devices is the fact that Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC as compared to Mijia LYWSDCGQ/01ZM has an expressive node that displays temperature humidity level in a manner that you are familiar with. That seems impressive at this age that users don’t have time to read figures before they make meaning. If you don’t understand the signals within the first few months, you can get along with the “very cute, comfort and simple” funny expressions on the monitor.

In this careful review, we must emphasize that in function, quick adaptability and cost-effectiveness – getting value for money at cheap price,  Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC is preferable.

Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC Bluetooth 4.2 Household Thermometer Hygrometer Second Generation Wireless Smart Electric Digital Display Intelligent Linkage Baby Mode Work with Mijia APP



MIJIA Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer from Xiaomi Youpin



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