Don't Move! Let Me See Who is the Troublemaker by Using Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P FHD Smart IP Camera
Miko Hughes

Don't Move! Let Me See Who is the Troublemaker by Using Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P FHD Smart IP Camera

For the safety of my Mr. Cat, Miss Dog and the other things in my house, I decided to buy one more IP camera!

The reason is very simple. These two little guys' movements cannot be monitored entirely by only one Wi-Fi IP camera.

I often find that something disappears, or it is broken after I return home. But I don't know whether my pets eat it or it is in a corner, so I have to watch the video playback of the camera to verify.

However, you know, there are always some blind spots because only one camera is in use, so there is no record to be checked.

Therefore, it is necessary for me to add one more camera. If the IP camera number is still insufficient, I will add more till I can monitor their every move. Of course, this is a joke!

This time, I bought the Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM smart IP camera. Although it is often used on the desk, unlike PTZ cameras, its wide-angle range is enough for a small room. If you live in a big house, I guess, you need more cameras to monitor the whole space.

The resolution can be up to 1080P, which is great for me

I catch sight of my cat and dog clearly unless they are hiding. I can also confirm who is the troublemaker at home. When they are wrecking my house, I will stop them immediately by the two-way communication function.

This function is pretty suitable for those who need to take care of babies, pets, and talk with elderly people. I often talk to my cats and dogs, but they can't answer me. That's a pity.

Look at its package, the camera has a quite simple and clean style, and looks like a white capsule. When you open the box, I guess, you will take it for an eye that is watching you.

There are Chinese characters printed on the package, but not English words! However, it does not matter. Anyway, I won't read the characters on the box. 

What else is there in it?

The Mijia 1080P smart camera, a power cable, and a user manual. The micro USB power cable is integrated with the plug.

Why is it designed like this? It is much better if they are separate because unless the suitable for the AC outlet in my country, it means that I have to say goodbye to this power cable.

I don't think it is convenient and I don't understand this design at all. But if such design is for safety reasons during usage, I can accept it with pleasure.

Well, is this a manual or a warranty card? All in Chinese! OMG! Please tell me what is it.

If you have bought this product for the first time, you don't know how to use it correctly, don't know Chinese, or even don't want to ask for help from the official customer service.

What should you do? I suggest that you scan the QR code where it should be found on the package or in the user manual. It may show the APP or e-manual you need, or try to find the operating instructions from the official website. If you don't want to do these by yourself, please ask the customer service.

Fortunately, I have used another camera from Xiaoma Mijia, which is similar to this one. I don't have to worry about these problems.

Let's start with the design!

There is a reset hole on the left side of the camera. If you need to reset, please prepare a hole pin. Unless there is a crash, you need to restart the camera. The TF card slot is on the right side.

Well, where is the power interface?

Oh, here is the power interface! At first, I thought such design was not good for the adjustment of camera angle after plugging in, but it wasn't, so the design is not bad.

Let us see how to connect the Wi-Fi camera to an iOS phone (or an Android phone).

1. Connect the camera to a power source at first, insert the memory card. After you insert the memory card, you can watch playback records.

2. Then, open Mijia APP to "add device", and after selecting the corresponding camera, it will give you instructions on how to operate in the next steps.

3. You will hear some voice during the operation. This little gadget is talking! Please note that everything is still in Chinese! I have no idea about what it says. I guess it's a voice prompt. I don't care about it, because I am not able to understand it.

So how to ensure that the camera is connected? Look at the indicator light. The yellow light is flashing, so it means waiting to be connected. Once the camera is connected, a blue light will turn on.

4. Don't worry about the Chinese interface, you can change the language in "Settings".In the photo of Mr. Cat, we can find the operation interface of this camera. I can call Mr. Cat by pressing the button in the middle. 

There are also some icons on the right sidebar for adjusting resolution, taking a photo, recording video, etc. There are several function keys below. In general, it is easy to use the App.


This picture was taken in the "light on" mode without HD setting, but the details are very clear. We can see that the lamp pole looks distorted because of the 130-degree wide-angle lens. You know what I mean. This is a real wide angle.

The above pictures show the differences between light mode and dark mode in the same condition. The night vision effect is pretty good, and I think that the photo is even clearer than the one in light mode. Great!

I should put the camera in a safe place for fear that Mr. Cat might attack it. Every time I call him by using the camera, he finds it and runs quickly towards it.

I have two smart IP cameras to monitor their movements, and I believe I will eventually catch the real troublemaker!

Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P FHD Smart IP Camera



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