Alldocube X Review.
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Alldocube X Review.

Slim tablet with super AMOLED 2K screen

It is clear that Chinese manufacturers in recent years have managed to find the perfect combination of technical specifications and price range in the mobile device market. For example, in the tablet market, Alldocube X is positioned among the best devices available with a slim body and good features.

The Alldocube X is a mid-range tablet with an excellent selection of various internal components. It will allow you to enjoy the excellent work of the user interface running Android 8.0 with good battery life and a fingerprint scanner for added security. In addition, the high-quality and bright screen with AMOLED technology and a resolution of 2K makes this tablet one of the best mobile devices on the market today.

So, let's take a closer look at the Alldocube X tablet in a detailed review.

Alldocube X: Specifications

Display: 10.5 inch AMOLED with 2560 x 1600 pixels
Processor: MediaTek MT8176 Quad Core 2.1 GHz
GPU: IMG PowerVR GX6250
Internal memory: 64GB
Memory card: up to 128GB
Cameras: 8.0MP rear and 8.0MP front camera
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / dual-band and Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: 8000mAh (12V / 1.5A)
Operating System: Android 8.0
Ports: Type-C USB slot and 3.5mm audio jack
Weight: 491 g
Dimensions: 243.68 × 173.14 × 6.9 mm

Alldocube X: In the box

The box of the Alldocube X tablet is made in a minimalist style like Xiaomi, in black with a gray Alldocube logo in the upper left corner. Inside is:

• General English user manual
• Warranty of the device in English
• USB Type-C cable
• Power adapter

Alldocube X: Design

In use, the Alldocube X is comfortable and comfortable in the hand, despite the 10.5-inch screen panel. You can notice that the frames on the right and left are slightly smaller than on the top and bottom, this made it possible to increase the screen itself from 10.1 to 10.5 inches compared to the Alldocube M5 or M5x.

The design and quality of the materials are well done, there are no creaks or other annoying elements. If you look at the thickness, it is only 6.9 mm. This is a very thin tablet.

The fingerprint sensor is located on the right side, this will allow you to conveniently recognize your finger when entering the system. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack and Type-C port for charging.

On the back you can see the power button and volume rocker.

At the top of the device are two stereo speakers on both sides, and in the center there is a microSD card slot. This tablet does not support 3G or 4G networks, since there is no SIM slot installed.

On the front and back are 8-megapixel cameras.

In general, the design of the Alldocube X tablet is standard, but there are some useful features, such as a fingerprint scanner and a super slim body.

Alldocube X: Display

The Alldocube is equipped with a 10.5-inch panel with AMOLED technology and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This screen matrix provides impeccable viewing quality for multimedia content.

Alldocube X also has lamination technology that makes it easy to clean the screen from fingerprints. The screen is clearly visible even in sunlight and viewing angles are very large.

The screen quality is really beautiful, and the colors are very saturated thanks to AMOLED technology. Black also has high priority, which is much better than standard screens with IPS matrix.

The Alldocube operating system provides good image reproduction in accordance with the specific needs of each user in a specific situation:

  1. The reading mode, which can be found in the settings and the screen becomes like in a paper book. In this mode, there is no strong eye strain.
  2. Automatic backlight mode that changes brightness depending on the type of medium.
  3. A vision protection mode that reduces bluish light to avoid sensation of visual fatigue.

Alldocube X: Performance

The real highlight of the Alldocube X tablet is the presence of the MediaTek MT8176 processor. It uses a total of 6 cores organized through two frequency groups.

The chipset accelerates performance to the maximum with a pair of Cortex A72 with a frequency of 2.1 GHz, and the second consists of four cores Cortex A53 with a frequency of 1.7 GHz.

Alldocube has an IMG PowerVR GX6250 graphics processor that runs at 600 MHz and promises up to 30% more performance over the previous generation. This provides a smoother launch of games and other demanding applications.

Finally, 4 GB of RAM is more than enough in this device, as well as 64 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded using a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

In general, for games or heavy applications, the tablet will easily launch, but with average graphics settings.

Alldocube X: Sound

As for the sound, the tablet has two stereo speakers and an optional Hi-Fi AKM music chip. When watching a video or game, the device makes a good sound.

In addition, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack, so you can use your favorite headphones.

Alldocube X: Camera

For camera enthusiasts, the tablet has good photo and video potential with 8-megapixel sensors on both sides of the Alldocube X device.

In daylight, photos are beautiful and vibrant. But if you want to take pictures at night, then you should not expect miracles. In general, for Skype video calls, this will be one of the best tablet cameras than other competitors.

Alldocube X: Communication

Unfortunately, the tablet does not support a SIM card slot, which gives access to 4G LTE. But here you get the classic Bluetooth 4.0 module and dual-frequency Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n (2.4G + 5G). This is the standard wireless package for your tablet.

Alldocube X: Battery

Alldocube X has an excellent indicator of battery life.

The tablet is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, which provides up to 7 hours of continuous video playback or 4 hours of continuous play. The tablet also equipped with a USB Type-C port with support for fast charging and MTK PE +.

Alldocube X: Conclusion

The Alldocube X is an excellent mid-range device thanks to its well-selected and high-quality components. It has a high-quality AMOLED screen, which is much better than an IPS matrix. The performance and operating system are stable and run smoothly for both heavy games and everyday tasks. As for the sound and autonomy of the work, everything is fine here too.

At its price, the new tablet received good technical features.

ALLDOCUBE X Tablet PC 10.5 Inch Android 8.1






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