Xiaomi DR.BEI S7 Ultrasonic Wireless Electric Toothbrush
Kernani Halim

Xiaomi DR.BEI S7 Ultrasonic Wireless Electric Toothbrush

Xiaomi DR.BEI S7 Ultrasonic Wireless Electric Toothbrush is a premium toothbrush with 5 cleaning modes, automatic pressure adjustment and a capacious battery that allows you to work up to 60 days on a single charge with daily use. The Xiaomi DR.BEI S7 Toothbrush Includes a toothbrush comes with 2 replaceable cleaning nozzles, an induction charging base, a wire for powering the base, a convenient compact travel case.

Flexible interchangeable nozzle with branded bristles

Each synthetic of the DR.BEI S7 Electric Toothbrush nozzle bristle undergoes a special treatment rounding the pile. The brush cleans but does not scratch or damage the enamel. The flexible nozzle head does not allow excessive pressure.

40 elastic fiber bundles for perfect cleaning

The special design of the cleaning head and the powerful motor ensure perfect cleaning of the space between the teeth and the elimination of plaque.

5 modes to choose from

Alternate modes of your choice for perfect cleanliness and healthy teeth.

2000 mAh battery and 60 days without recharging

You can go on a business trip or travel and not worry about hygiene on the road and finding an outlet. Toothbrush Xiaomi Dr. Bei S7 lasts up to 60 days. Be perfect in any situation.

Superior moisture protection

Xiaomi DR.BEI S7 Ultrasonic Sonic Wireless Electric Toothbrush comes in a full waterproof design. We can brush our teeth in the shower, in the bathroom, while traveling under the jets of a waterfall. Toothbrush is not afraid of even complete immersion in water.

Stylish compact travel case

The case made of quality materials is made in impeccable dandy style with a magnetic closure

DR.BEI S7 Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Adult Soft Bristle Whitening Tooth Brush



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