Lei Jun: Preview of Xiaomi Mi 10 Launch Event Live Broadcast
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Lei Jun: Preview of Xiaomi Mi 10 Launch Event Live Broadcast

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Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, has revealed a lot about the powerful performance and camera of Xiaomi Mi 10. As many people are also concerned about the screen and battery, he has posted this article before the live broadcast of the launch event on Feb. 13.

Let's read the article together.

Dreamy Viewing Experience

Xiaomi Mi 10 adopts a professional multi-primary color display for a fascinating experience. Engineers think that only by doing so can Xiaomi Mi 10 be an advanced flagship smartphone. 

➡What is a professional multi-primary color display?                       

① Custom AMOLED curved screen with super high contrast ratio;
② 90Hz fluid screen with 180Hz high sampling rate;
③ DC dimming, and TUV-certified eye protection.

(For more details, please watch the live broadcast of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Launch Event)

Xiaomi has applied a multi-primary color display to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, and the technology has been gradually improved. The custom AMOLED multi-primary color display can accurately reproduce the colors in real life. 

The JNCD and Delta E (which are two indicators of the color difference) of Xiaomi Mi 10 are top in the smartphone industry. 

Apart from the above, each screen will be calibrated before delivery. Therefore, for those who demand the absolute color accuracy, such as the professional designers and photographers, Xiaomi Mi 10 is undoubtedly an excellent choice!

About JNCD & Delta E

【JNCD】 JNCD means the just noticeable color difference. 1 JNCD is the slightest color differences that are visually distinguishable for the human eye. For a given color in color coordinates, the distance between “actual color” and “accurate color” is the JNCD. 

The JNCD of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Series is less than 0.55, whereas that of Huawei Mate 30 Pro is under than 1. There is no doubt that Xiaomi Mi 10 takes the lead, representing the top level of color accuracy. 

【Delta E】△E defines the difference between two colors in the three-dimensional color space, suitable for evaluating the gray balance. 

When Delta E < 2, a display meets the requirement of a professional monitor. △E of Xiaomi Mi 10 Series is less than 1.1; in comparison, that of Huawei Mate 30 Pro is below 3.93. In general, Xiaomi Mi 10 stands out.

Flexible Full-screen with An Ultra-small Hole

What about the widely concerned appearance? The front camera of Xiaomi Mi 10 is made the tiniest as possible without compromising the performance of the camera. 

This is to guarantee a better viewing experience. Our team has developed a super small camera module, which is only 3.84mm in diameter, over 1mm smaller than that of other flagship smartphones. The small camera module makes the screen look more elegant. 

“Triple Fast Charging” in 5G Era

It is critical to balance the charging power and battery capacity. The higher the charging power, the less power density. For example, if the charging power is increased from 30W to 50W, the battery capacity will reduce by 5%. 

Should the charging power be further increased, a single battery cell would be insufficient, which necessitates another battery cell. As a result, the battery capacity will reduce by 7% more.

That's why we wanted to realize the largest battery capacity while keeping the fast charging power for Xiaomi Mi 10. At last, we have decided to adopt a 4500mAh battery and triple fast charging for the ideal balance.

50W wired flash charge, which is currently the highest charging power for a single battery cell. It only takes 45 minutes to charge the 4500mAh with low resistance from 0 to 100%. 
30W super wireless flash charge, which is even faster than the 40W wired quick charge of Huawei flagship smartphone.
10W reverse wireless charging for adding more juice to headphones, smartwatches, iPhone, etc.

Apart from the above, Xiaomi Mi 10 is also equipped with X-axis linear motor, Hi-Res, IR blaster, full-featured NFC, dual-frequency GPS, MIUI 11, Xiao Ai Speaker, and so on. It is equipped with all cutting-edge technologies for excellent user experience.

I'm excited that Xiaomi Mi 10 will be launched at 2 o'clock (UTC+8:00). We're well prepared for the launch event. You may also watch the live broadcast online through the 71 media listed below. You are sure to find lots of stunning features! 

Let's watch the live broadcast together! 

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Coupon Price: $699.99

Note: This coupon is not available for Spain, France, Italy and Germany!

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