Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer Review.
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Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer Review.

Best choice for high-quality photo printing from your mobile phone.

You may have heard about a Xiaomi portable or pocket printer called Xiaomi XPrint. The company has now introduced another compact desktop printer called the Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer.

Sub-brand Mijia has received good popularity in the line of mobile devices for the company Xiaomi. In this article, we will do detailed testing of a new generation of folding desktop printer.

Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer: Specifications

Material: ABS
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Resolution: 300 x 300 dpi
Max print size: 6 inches
Number of colors: 16.7 million
Compatible: Android & iOS
Dimensions: 194 x 124.6 x 83.6 mm
Weight: 300g

Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer: Design 

As you already knew the whole style of design solutions, there is minimalism in any Xiaomi products.

This applies to the new generation Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer. The design of the printer is made of white matte color.

The size of the printer itself is only 194 x 124.6 x 83.6 mm, and the weight of the device is 300 grams. 

As you can see this compact printer for its size that will fit well on your desktop.

On the right side of the Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer is a closed box that holds a special extra paper slot.

It is easily mounted on the front of the printer using a magnetic connection. 

When you are not using a printer, you can hide the paper slot in this box so that the size of the printer does not take up much space on your desk.

On the top panel is the power button.

Also status power, Wi-Fi and settings indicators on the upper front of the left side.

A socket connector for charging the printer via a charger or an external battery is located on the back of the printer.

In general, the design has a classic style for any Xiaomi products and for us, it is good since a compact printer will be well combined on any desktop.

Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer: Use and features

To begin the practical part, first of all, you need to install the application Mijia APP. Through it, you can manage your print settings.

But besides this application, you can use other printing methods such as WeChat, Airprint, or wireless printing through a computer.

When you first start the Mijia application, you will need to create an account. As with any other product, Xiaomi uses the same application for different devices, and if you have previously used other Xiaomi devices, then it will not be a problem here.

When the account is created, the connection will be made directly via Bluetooth. You just need to click on the big “+” in the center of the application and follow the instructions, namely, to turn on the printer (long press the power button) then to start searching for the Bluetooth device.

After that, the printer appears on the indicator on the front. You just have to select some photos in the gallery of the smartphone to print them.

Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer uses CMY technology with three-color sublimation printing to achieve full-color transfer to your photos.

At the last photo printing step, the Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer is automatically covered with a colorless transparent protective film. 

It has excellent protective properties from scratches, fingerprints, and splashes, and the color of the photo will last longer.

The quality of the photos is pretty good, your fingers will not stick to the photo, and the paper is pre-cropped to remove an unnecessary border.

If you even compare with the original file, we will see that the colors are very well transmitted in the photograph and with decent detail.

Also in the Mijia app settings, you can select a photo editor to enhance your photos before printing.

As for the photos themselves, you can print 6 inches photos with a pixel density of 300 x 300 dpi. For this size of photos, you can get a good pixel density ratio.

Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer: Conclusions 

Xiaomi offers a good portable photo printer, and at the moment remains one of the best options in the mobile device market. As for its technical characteristics, Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer shows the good potential of high-quality photo printing.

The compact design and minimalistic style makes it a good device for your desktop.

Also, the presence of several ways to print, such as through the application Mijia, WeChat, Airprint, or wireless printing via a computer will allow you to print photos for every taste.

The quality of photos on the new generation of color printer Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer has excellent color reproduction and details with 300 x 300 dpi.

Currently, you can buy a Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Printer at a good price for only $129.

If you are a fan of the brand Xiaomi, then why not buy this printer to get high-quality photos of your travels or various holidays.

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