What Is A Good Ceiling Lamp Like?
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What Is A Good Ceiling Lamp Like?

This article is about the design process of the ceiling light from the smart lighting brand Yeelight, which is slightly longer but allows you to know how to define a good ceiling lamp in several minutes.

During the use of ceiling lamps, you may have the following pain points:

01 Mosquitoes enter the inside of the lampshade, however, the lamp is not easy to disassemble, which makes the user difficult to clean;
02 The bedroom light does not have a remote control, and it is not convenient to switch lights on and off on the bed;
03 The light at night is too glaring, the need for faint light when mother feeding baby cannot be satisfied.

I believe that there will be users who are bothered by the above-mentioned problems.

In 2016, in order to solve these pain points, which are told by the industry's ceiling lamp users, Yeelight smart LED ceiling lamps were produced.

Rapid-install | anti-mosquito design.

In fact, in the design of rapid-install and anti-mosquito, the demand for anti-mosquito is more urgent than the rapid installation. Currently in the industry, mainly in the field of ceiling lamp productions, the installation process is completed by workers, and since this installation process involves heavy current, it will be a certain risk if the users install the lamps by themselves.

However, during the discussion of how to anti-mosquito, Yeelight found that if they want to optimize the anti-mosquito design, it is best to make the ceiling lamp a closed whole, so that the dust-proof IP rating can be higher, and accordingly, the entry of mosquitoes will be impossible. But the key point is how to install it?

The rapid-install structure also came into being.

In the design of the rapid-install scheme, Yeelight has made practical innovation and optimization of the contact scheme of the electric kettle by across the industries, to solve the risk that the suspension may lead to poor contact.

From the point of view of use or maintenance, the rapid installation greatly improves the convenience of the user's daily maintenance. Since it can be installed quickly, it is obvious that it can be disassembled quickly as well.

In addition, if there is no rapid-install design, IP dust-proof level can be higher to meet the anti-mosquito demand without doubt, but this requires higher requirements for the installation workers and installation methods. Once the protective measures (anti-mosquito pad | anti-mosquito junction box) not installed correctly, there will be mosquitoes entering.

IoT implant makes intelligent scenes more convenient.

With the development of IoT, more and more mature technologies have been integrated into various industries. Therefore, in the initial design evaluation process of the ceiling lamp solution, in order to better solve the diverse needs of users, Yeelight has joined IoT technology in the ceiling lamp industry as well. Yeelight is also the first brand to adopt Wi-Fi & Bluetooth BLE dual-mode technology and is willing to be "the first mover" to lead the industry's brand.

The combination of Wi-Fi & BLE technology has enabled users to diversify their control experience.

Yeelight's first bedroom ceiling lights are standard with Bluetooth remote control, which is rare in the industry.

At the same time, Yeelight has also achieved many controls such as Bluetooth wall switch, mobile APP control, AI voice control, and third-party intelligent linkage through unremitting efforts.

Let Ra>90 high index to restore the true color of the world.

The color rendering index (Ra) is a parameter for evaluating the color of light in the LED industry. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color rendition degree, the better the quality of the lamp bead, and the higher the corresponding cost. 

Yeelight's first ceiling lamp uses high-definition LED beads, which are rare in the industry.

Over the years, in order to inherit the characteristics of Yeelight, the ceiling lamps have also adopted LED high-quality lamp beads with a color rendering index of Ra>90. After mixing the lights, the Ra of the product is basically above 95. (The left side of the figure shows the Ra 80 effect on the left and the Ra 90 effect on the right side)

At present, if you search for the product introduction, basically 99% Ra of ceiling lamp brands’ products are less than 90. In the industry, Ra is basically around 80, only used in some special scenes. Have you ever bought a dress at the mall, tried it after you went home, and felt that the color is not as good as the store? That’s the reason.

The charm of technology often lies in continuous innovation.

Is price the main factor in determining whether a product can win the market?

This is not the case for Yeelight.

Pay attention to users’ needs, continuous innovation of products, providing personalized and differentiated design and services. This is the meaning of existence and fundamentality of a company.

In the future, I hope that Yeelight can continue to concentrate on product innovation, and can provide users with more and better products so that more people can enjoy the convenience of smart devices.

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