Xiaomi Umbrellas Comparison: the pros and cons of each model
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Xiaomi Umbrellas Comparison: the pros and cons of each model

An umbrella is an accessory that everyone needs. A good umbrella will not only save you from rain, but also serve as a stylish element of the image. Especially if you have in your hands a model from Xiaomi, one of the most advanced brands of our time.

The Chinese manufacturer of gadgets today is playing an active game in the accessories market. The Xiaomi line includes already several models of umbrellas. The most popular: Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Umbrella and Xiaomi 90 Points All Purpose Umbrella.

Which one is right for you? You will find the answer to this question by reading our review .

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Umbrella Automatic Umbrella

How it looks : The model has a strict classic design. Suitable for both men and women. Dimensions when folded 34 x 6 x 6 cm. Weight – 0.42 kg. When opened, the size of the dome reaches 1.07 meters (under such an umbrella two adults can easily fit at once).

Materials of manufacture :

  • The umbrella dome is made of special FONEWR material. When hit on such a fabric, moisture particles are not absorbed, but are collected in balls and rolled down (water also behaves on Teflon-coated dishes about the same). Therefore, after rain, the umbrella does not need to be dried, just shake it to remove all remaining moisture.
  • The fabric is additionally coated with UVoutex FABRICS. Thanks to this, the umbrella perfectly protects from scorching sunlight, while it does not fade under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.
  • The spokes and frame are made of strong composite materials that are resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion.

Design features :

The handle design was created as a result of numerous tests and improvements. As a result, a form was found that provides the greatest comfort to the user. Below it has the shape of a square with rounded corners, and above it smoothly goes into a circle. The developers did not forget about such a nice detail as the Soft-Touch coating, which creates a feeling of noble “roughness”.

On the handle there is a button for opening / folding the dome. An interesting detail: the button has no protruding parts and completely merges with the handle (which looks very elegant).

When a button is pressed, the Seiko automatic mechanism pushes and unfolds the umbrella dome. Disclosure occurs quickly, but smoothly, without a sharp jerk. Those. the umbrella does not try to break out of hands, as many standard umbrellas behave.

A special safety lock is also provided: if you accidentally press a button, the umbrella will not “shoot”, risking falling into someone, but will remain in a folded position.

Pressing the button again activates the automatic folding mechanism of the dome frame. This is another great advantage of the automatic system: no need to wet your hand to close the umbrella!

The steel telescopic tube integrates with the handle insert as a silent block. Due to this, the tube is able to bend without going to a break with the handle.

The function of holding the dome in a twisted state is performed by the strap on the button. This is a more reliable and durable option compared to Velcro.

Pros : It opens and closes AUTOMATICALLY (at the touch of a button). Protects from rain and sun. Convenient grip. Large diameter dome. The hydrophobic fabric does not require drying after rain. Good strength and durability.

Cons : Fairly high price. The relatively large weight of the product. Lack of other color schemes, except black.

Xiaomi Mechanical Umbrella90 Points All Purpose Umbrella

How it looks: This is a light and elegant design. The weight of the umbrella is only 309 g. The highlight of the design is the fact that the spokes are hidden in the dome and are not visible to the eye. As a result, the model received an elegant and airy appearance without protruding mechanical parts. The size of the dome in the open form is 115 cm: two adults can freely fit under it.

Materials of manufacture :

  • The frame and knitting needles are made from cutting-edge aluminum-based alloys. Such material is famous for its strength and is widely used, for example, in the construction of aircraft.
  • Fabric based on polyester: quite thin (translucent), but very hard at the same time. Polyester fibers do not allow moisture to pass through. Drops bounce off the surface and roll down at the edges. Special impregnation provides sun protection. Thus, Xiaomi 90 Points All Purpose Umbrella is an all-weather umbrella that is designed to protect from heavy rain, squally wind, wet snow and sunlight.

Operational Features :

The ergonomic and comfortable handle surely lies in a palm, to hold an umbrella is a pleasure.

The device is revealed mechanically, i.e. hands, without the help of buttons. Plugs and other soft elements are made of modern silicone.

After the rain, it is enough to shake the umbrella, then all the excess water will leave and the fabric will dry faster.

Pros : Budget price. Very light weight. Good water-repellent coating: drops roll like on non-stick cookware.

Cons : Not automatic. If you hold it in your hands for a long time, sometimes arbitrary tearing is possible.

Conclusions :

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Umbrella: a more expensive model with automatic opening / closing of the dome. A good option for those who appreciate trends, the comfort of modern technology and are willing to pay for it.

Xiaomi 90 Fun All Purpose Umbrella: a budget mechanical umbrella. Suitable for those who are looking for a truly high-quality and modern umbrella model at an affordable cost.

Xiaomi Automatic Folding Umbrella Short Handle Rain Dual-Use Ultra-Light Windproof UV Rain Umbrella



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