Soocas So White Electric Shaver Review
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Soocas So White Electric Shaver Review

One more product from Xiaomi Ecosystem.

Today we will tell you about the new Soocas So White rotary electric shaver. This company produces various devices for personal care: toothbrushes, irrigators, hair dryers, etc., belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem. Therefore, this model, in fact, is a direct continuation of the line of Xiaomi electric shavers.


Shaving system type: rotary   
Shaving method: dry shave, wet shave
Waterproof: IPX7
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Power: 5 W
Working time: 60 min
Charging time: 90 min
Dimensions: 16x6.5x6 cm
Weight: 160 grams

In the box

The device is shipped in the usual packaging for Xiaomi - a cardboard box made of white cardboard with a color image of the product on the front side. The back side lists the main features and specifications of the electric shaver.

There is also a sticker with a code under the scratch layer. With its help, the originality of the purchased products is determined.

The set consists of three items: an electric shaver, a charging cable, instructions for use. There is no brush for cleaning the shaving unit.

The manual contains extensive information in Chinese. Find points on how to use the shaver correctly, how to disassemble it, and how to troubleshoot it.

The charging cable has a length of 100 cm. On one side there is a regular USB connector, so that it is possible to charge an electric shaver even from a power bank, and on the other - a two-pin connector. As you can see, companies cannot come to a single standard in terms of charging shavers, even the usual two-pin connector differs in shape and size.


The electric shaver is made in a rather futuristic design: streamlined edges and dark gloss give the razor a distant resemblance to alien creatures that can change their shape. The body is completely made of quite high-quality plastic of different textures - glossy in the front and matte in the back.

Thanks to its ergonomic and streamlined shape, the shaver fits perfectly in the hand. Here the company decided to break the generally accepted minimalistic design of Xiaomi for the sake of ease of use.

Let's go through the main elements of an electric shaver. The name of the model line is marked on the bottom of the front panel.

The screen and the function button are located a little higher. During operation, the screen displays the percentage of the remaining charge and an animated icon symbolizing the selected power mode. A single button on the body allows you not only to turn on the device, but also to change the power with a long press. In addition, you can lock the shaver by long pressing the button in standby mode. All these operations are displayed on the screen. The screen was really sorely lacking in other models of shavers, because, for example, the lack of information about the current charge constantly causes fear in the form of a dead battery while shaving.

On the bottom there is a two-pin charging connector.

The matte back panel has longitudinal grooves to help your hands keep out of the shaver when operating in a humid and soapy environment. The main technical characteristics are listed next.

Above there is an additional option - a built-in trimmer. Activated by moving the switch up. I cannot say anything good about it, this is just a razor option and it is far from perfect: there is no fixation of the mechanism, the trimmer itself is inconveniently located.

The most important element of the electric shaver, the block with cutting heads, is on top. It comes with a transparent, removable black plastic cover. The casing holds on rather weakly, flies off from a light touch, so there is no hope in it when transporting the razor.

The shaving unit, like most rotary shavers, consists of three movable cutting heads, each with a two-row mesh. Due to the fact that the heads move both together and separately, the hair is easily shaved off in various hard-to-reach places.

To clean or replace the cartridge with heads, you must first press the button on the front. The cassette springs back and becomes standby for cleaning. For complete dismantling, you will need to pull it out together with the hinge from the block body.

The shaving heads are held in the cassette by a spring-loaded retainer. They are released by simply turning the middle part of the mechanism. Each head consists of a protective mesh and the blade unit itself.

The two-row block consists of 18 blades on a suspension. The type of metal and the manufacturer of the blades is unknown, the manufacturer does not focus on this.


To disassemble the shaver, you must first unscrew two screws: one under the cap, the other under the trim switch, and then remove the decorative part of the case. All internal elements are additionally closed with a waterproof cover (there is a rubber seal) and an indicator of moisture ingress. To remove it, unscrew 6 more screws around the perimeter.

On the one side, the board contains a speaker and a li-ion battery of 14500 format. On the other side, there is a screen and control elements.

Comparison with Mijia model and operating experience

In fact, these are completely different razors, they are united only by the fact that they are rotary and indirectly belong to the same company - Xiaomi.

Design, body, ergonomics.

Soocas has a futuristic design, a soiled glossy body, excellent ergonomics. Mijia has a minimalistic design, a tactilely pleasant matte body, mediocre ergonomics.

Shaving heads, shaving quality.

Both shavers have three shaving heads, but they differ in the design of the blade units. They shave the bristles in about the same way, but small "vellus" hairs are cut off worse in Soocas.


Soocas has an informative screen, built-in speaker, built-in trimmer. Mijia - LED indicators, the cradle performs the charging function.


Mijia has a higher price because higher quality body materials and the razor was created in collaboration with the Remington company. Soocas has an order of magnitude less price, because the company bought it from an OEM supplier, but the functionality is better.

Regarding the use of the Soocas electric shaver. Shaves well, does not pinch stubble for three days. The total charge is enough for 50-60 minutes of use. If the unexpected happened and you forgot to charge it, then you can safely shave with the charging cable connected. Replacement shaving head cassettes are available, just like the Mijia.


If you are choosing at the moment an inexpensive, but quite high-quality electric shaver - take it, do not hesitate. Here is everything a modern shaver needs:

1. High-quality, waterproof housing with an ergonomic shape.
2. Informative screen.
3. Li-ion battery, thanks to which the shaver is charged quickly enough even with a conventional power bank.
4. Double row shaving heads.
5. There is a trimmer.

Original Xiaomi Mijia Soocas Wireless 3D Smart USB Charging Electric Shaver IPX7 Waterproof



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