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The Yeelight JIAYUE 650 is a great Light with extraordinary capabilities at a very affordable pricepoint. The Main-Light can switch between different whites (warm/cold) seamlessly while the backlight offers pretty much limitless options regarding RGB Colors to add some more ambiance to the light. Installing it was fairly simple since you only need to drill two holes and screw the base plate into them. Then simply connect the two wires to the lamp (although I wish there was an option to ground the lamp (which according to the manual has to be done) and clip the light itself into the baseplate. That's it!

Binding the remote to the lamp is fairly simple too, once the lamp has been reset to factory settings.

The lamp can also be used via the Yeelight app, which offers more control than the remote. The remote only allows using the main light while the App also controls the backlight and offers countless preset-scenarios that you can use.

The smart capabilities don't end there. You could also integrate the system into different home automation systems or couple the lamp to your PC with f.lux which allows the PC to control the brightness and color to your screen temperature which is a tremendous benefit if you're working late on your PC and don't want to suffer from strained eyes.

Overall the Lamp offers a very compelling set up at a fairly low price. The only downsides (as mentioned before are the limited capabilities of the remote and the fact that it's not grounded). View Less

Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650mm 50W Smart LED Ceiling Light 16 Million Color Surrounding Ambient Lighting

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