Kospet Magic 2S Review: 40 Sports Modes, 3 ATM Waterproof, and 128M Large Memory.

Kospet Magic 2S Review: 40 Sports Modes, 3 ATM Waterproof, and 128M Large Memory.

Kospet Magic is a collection of smartwatches that have a lot of interesting features for all users. There are a lot of series that are offered by this Kospet brand. One of the most popular Kospet Magic series smartwatches is the Kospet Magic 2S. You can read this review page for finding some interesting features that are offered by this device. These features are specially created to help all users enjoy the best experience with this smartwatch.

Kospet Magic 2S Smart Watch 40 Sport Modes 1.3 inch HD 360 x 360 Resolution Screen 3ATM Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 128M Flash Memory



Some Interesting Features from Kospet Magic 2S

40 Sports Modes

This smartwatch is specially created for all people who love doing any sports activities. It can support up to 40 sport modes, including a rowing machine, mountain biking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, walking, stair sports, treadmill, billiards, bowling, rugby, tennis, etc. You can monitor your sports performance by using this smartwatch. You will be able to check all details from your health, such as calorie consumption, heart rate, blood oxygen level, the number of steps, etc. This feature can make you enjoy your sports activities at any time you want.

3ATM Waterproof

Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch is specially created to have a good water-resistant feature. Its 3ATM waterproof can allow you to wear this smartwatch when doing any water sport activities, such as swimming, diving, or surfing. This device can withstand the pressure of the 30 meters of the water depth. This smartwatch is believed to be more waterproof than the other IP 68 smartwatches. All parts of this device are sealed completely for ensuring the best waterproof feature from this unit.

More Watch Faces

This smartwatch comes with 5 original watch faces and also 21 personalized watch faces. It allows you to choose the best watch face for your smartwatch. When it is necessary, you can also make your DIY watch faces for meeting your wearing needs. You can wear this smartwatch on any occasion. Because of this interesting design, many people are interested in wearing this smartwatch every day.

Bluetooth 5.0

Kospet Magic 2S is upgraded to have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This feature is specially added to this smartwatch for ensuring fast response and also stable performance. You can have a fast connection with a long transmission distance. It is very easy for you to connect this smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth 5.0 technology will also ensure fast data transmission from your phone to this smartwatch and vice versa. You can monitor your health via your smartphone.

30 Days Standby

This smartwatch comes with a high-capacity 200mAh battery capacity. This battery is strong enough to provide up to 30 days of standby mode and 6-8 days of regular use. One charge can be used every day for one week. It only requires about 2 hours for fully charging this device. You can enjoy your experience with this smartwatch without having to get any frequent recharging process. This system is specially created to offer convenient use for everyone.

360 x 360 resolution

This smartwatch comes with a high definition display with up to 360 x 360 resolution. This display is protected by its 2.5D high-transparent curved glass. This glass allows you to see the data inside this smartwatch easily, although you are on the outdoor environments. This high definition display is very useful to improve the visibility of the screen. You will never have to get any visibility issues when using this Kospet Magic 2S at any time you want.

128M Flash memory

Kospet Magic 2S comes with large 128M flash memory. This memory capacity is specially created to offer a smooth operation. This flash memory will allow you to install multiple watch faces, multiple languages, and many different sport modes. This device will run smoother than the other smartwatches that are available on the market now. You will never have to face any lagging problems when wearing this smartwatch.


Many other features are offered by this smartwatch, for example, alarm clock, time display, calorie consumption, sedentary reminder, notification push, sleep management, stopwatch, countdown, etc. All of these features are added to this smartwatch for creating the best experience for all users. If you love doing any outdoor or sports activities every day, you can consider wearing this smartwatch at any time you want.

It can be the best time for you to buy this incredible smartwatch today. This smartwatch is available for only about $25.99 from its original price at $59.99. You will get a 57% discount during this flash sale period only. When you buy this product now, you are going to get an extra strap for free. There are two color options of the strap, green or red. This free strap can be used as an alternative for the original default strap with black color.

Kospet Magic 2S Smart Watch 40 Sport Modes 1.3 inch HD 360 x 360 Resolution Screen 3ATM Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 128M Flash Memory



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