Teclast F6 Plus vs Teclast F6 Pro Review, Which Is Best to Buy for You?
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Teclast F6 Plus vs Teclast F6 Pro Review, Which Is Best to Buy for You?

In a recent trend, there is a huge decline in desktop computers. There is a shift from heavy large-sized laptops towards lightweight and thin laptops. They no longer want to carry a heavy backpack. People are looking for laptops that they can easily carry. The telecast company is one of those manufacturers that produce the most affordable laptops in sleek designs. In this article, we are going to review telecast F6 Plus and Telecast F6 pro.

What’s common in Teclast F6 Plus and Teclast F6 Pro?

Let us not confuse Telecast F6 with Telecast F6 pro as these both are completely different devices. However, they do have similar features such as :

✔ They are both come in size of 13.3 inches.

✔ Telecast F6 Plus and Telecast F6 Pro both have 360-degrees touch IPS screen that enables the users to freely adjust and fold the laptop according to their needs. These laptops can be used as tablets or can be placed at any angle. The touch screen tapping makes them adaptable in any scenario.

✔ Both of these laptops have an impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution.

✔ Teclast F6 Plus and Teclast F6 Pro, both laptops are equipped with Intel 9th generation UHD graphics and GPU so that users can enjoy everyday image quality for internet use. These graphics work well for basic photo editing and gaming.

✔ To offer a powerful and smooth user experience the operating system on both laptops is Microsft Windows 10.

✔ They are equipped with Type C port since its charging is faster than the normal port. Due to the Micro HDMI output port, you can connect them with a high definition monitor or projector and can create a theatre of your own.

✔ They both have 8GB RAM which ensures fast running for multiple tasks.

✔ They both are sleek and stylish in their designs. They are made with aluminum alloy body which makes these laptops very lightweight but full of strength. Also, this means great performance on heat dissipation. 

✔ They are equipped with 2.MP front camera suitable for occasional online chatting or video calling.

In what ways both laptops are different?

Although they have many similarities they do have some notable differences as well which are discussed below:

♦ F6 pro has additional storage of 128 GB which is less than the F6 plus as it has a massive storage of 256GB SSD. Since you are always going to need more space to store images, music, movies, and videos so F6 Pro serves your storage needs better.

♦ F6 Plus weighs 1.6 kg whereas F6 Pro is a little lighter as it weighs 1.38kg. Although this weigh difference is very minor.

♦ F6 plus uses Bluetooth version 4.0 whereas F6 pro uses 4.2 version of Bluetooth. So the F6 Pro has an advantage here as it promises faster and more reliable over-the-air data transmission and more packet capacity. 

♦ Teclast F6 Pro is equipped with the next-generation dual-core processor Intel M3-7Y30. It has a CPU speed of 1.0 GHz and 2.6 GHz with a turbo boost where Telecast F6 plus performs better using Intel N4100 chip with four cores capable of reaching 2.40 GHz. The N4I00 in F6 Plus packs more processing cores than m3-7y30. This means that F6 plus has improved performance and it processes simultaneous threads and processes more efficiently.

♦ F6 plus has no fingers sensor whereas pro has.

♦ F6 Pro has an advantage over F6 plus due to its TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 4.5W design making it less power-hungry.

♦ The F6 Plus has a killer 10000mAh battery which means you can use it for 7 hours in an entire day. Whereas F6 Pro has an average-sized battery of 5000mAh. So it is comparatively smaller and doesn’t support fast charge. It takes approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes for the battery to attain full charge.

Our Verdict: Should you buy Telecast F6 Plus or Telecast F6 Pro?

From the above review, we can see that both laptops have many similarities and they offer the same features when it comes to 360-degree flip, IPS screen and resolution, graphic, 8 GB ram, operating system, and type c port. However, the F6 Plus has some advantages over F6 pro when it comes to battery and performance. But if we see these advantages in terms of price then Telecast F6 Pro only costs $240.73 whereas F6 Plus costs $496.87. There is a huge price difference. So if you don’t want to play intense games or you don’t use it for a prolonged time then I think F6 Pro is a cheaper and more affordable option.

Teclast F6 Plus 13.3 inch Convertible Laptop 8GB 256GB 360° Flip-and-fold FHD IPS Display Touch Screen Intel N4100 Chip 38Wh(10000mAh / 3.8V)Battery



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