Reviews: Alfawise V8S Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization will be the first Choice for household Cleaning in 2020.
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Reviews: Alfawise V8S Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization will be the first Choice for household Cleaning in 2020.

We are still in the very heat of the prevalence of the COVID-19. The pandemic has brought severe damage to peoples, nations and households altogether. And responsibly, the infection has been met with stiff resistance and key preparedness. Focusing on the household, we cannot overemphasize the importance of household disinfection. Doing a thorough cleaning of the household however cannot be done manually alone. You may need to resort to electronically-aided cleaning devices. 

The Alfawise V8S MAX is one of these tools. We are going to be explaining several features that make the robot cleaner a befitting one that it is.

Alfawise V8S Max UV Sterilization Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gyroscope Navigation Voice Control Supports Google Home Amazon Alexa EU Plug



Disinfection function

One of the most important uses for which people buy a robot cleaner is the prevention of infection it offers. At a time when the world is battling with the increasing spread of the COVID-19, you should look out for this disinfection function in your robot cleaner. 

Importantly, the cleaner has an ultraviolet (UV) sterilization component that helps you clean your room effectively. First, you need to turn on the sterilization function. To kill the molecular arrangement of RNA or DNA of the viruses, bacteria and fungi, make use of a proper wavelength of the ultraviolet light. Using this UV feature of the robot cleaner you are able to destroy the various vectors because they impact the health of your loved ones. 

More so, these diseases predispose your family members to the danger of contracting the diseases such as the COVID-19. Some of your family members may bring in these viruses due to exposure to affected places. What about bacteria present in the feces of your pets? In all, realize that the job of the UV sterilization is basically to get rid of these viruses.

Cleaning Modes 

In order to facilitate an effective cleaning, the Alfawise V8S MAX cleaner has a large-capacity 2 in 1 water tank. The machine has an electrically-controlled tank and air pump outlet water. The water tank also has some support with a 3-level adjustment of water seepage. With it, you can automatically stop water seepage while you’re not working. This is equally better for the protection of your floor.

The water tank allows you to put in the appropriate disinfectant for home disinfection. The power suction is greatly effective – The capacity is up to as much as 2000PA. The powerful pressure has an effective motorized and viable pull. This can conveniently engross dust and hair.

These three (3) cleaning modes are:

1.Sweeping & mopping mode – You’ll discover the cleaner carries a roller brush that sucks away dust particles while it mops the ground, sweeping and mopping the floor simultaneously to achieve a double cleaning effect.

2.Sweeping only mode – You can choose to sweep only by switching it appropriately 

3. Mopping the only mode – You can as well mop only. 

You can choose to meet your diverse needs as you wish with these modes.

Recharging your machine

You have access to several means of charging your cleaner - automatic return for charging; manual charging and direct charging. At times, your machine may not automatically recharge under low power, you can directly use the adapter to charge for about 5 hours.

Battery Life

As for the battery life of the Alfawise V8S MAX, it has an inbuilt 2600mAh Li-ion battery. The robot cleaner continues to work even when the battery power is low. The reason for this is that the robot cleaner has a charging base it sits on. The moment the battery turns low, it goes back to the base. 

Virtual Wall

Another main feature of the Alfawise V8S MAX is its virtual wall. It has brilliant gyroscope navigation with numerous sensors bid for concise placing and general planning. 

The device also has thirty-two (32) sensor sets. The sensors carefully identify the environment and make the cleaner not collide with the furniture. These sets include water tank detection and regulation; dustbin detection; laser radar; radar collision sensor; left infrared detection; angel sensor. Others on the exterior include the right collision sensor; gyroscope; left drive wheel speed sensor; right drive wheel speed sensor; binocular signal and front bump buffer sensor. 

On the anterior, you also have the water tank support plate detection; right suspension sensor; left suspension sensor; right ground detection; left ground detection; battery temperature sensor. Others at the rear are the right front ground detection and the left front ground detection. This is all targeted towards achieving deep cleaning and even efficiently.


The device also has a feature that enables it for app and voice control. In fact, the app enables remote control through the app. With the software, you can troubleshoot, monitor cleaning status, switch modes, schedule your cleaning, and also make commands. With the app, the remote control of the Alfawise V8S MAX is greatly easy to regulate. 


Regarding the contents of the package, you have a robot vacuum cleaner. You also have two braces of side brushes. In the package, you would also find a remote control; an adapter; a hairbrush, and a charging base. 


The robot vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning the entire floor regardless of the stuff your floor is made of. It is greatly effective on rugs too. The cleaner has no challenge navigating through the thickness of the floor material. In essence, when you want to purchase the item ensure you check out if the features we pointed out here are present. This would help you to work towards keeping a tidy and clean home that’s necessary to prevent the attack of any disease at this dire time.

Alfawise V8S Max UV Sterilization Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gyroscope Navigation Voice Control Supports Google Home Amazon Alexa EU Plug



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