Puppyoo A9 wireless vacuum cleaner !!!

Puppyoo A9 wireless vacuum cleaner !!!

Powerful vacuum cleaner at an affordable price!!!

Hello dear friends. Another parcel of China.

we open and see what we have inside. Came wireless vacuum cleaner Puppyoo A9.

the packaging is good enough. Let's see what comes in the kit.

aluminium tube .

brush two in one.

battery charger.

 vacuum cleaner battery.

the main brush

and the vacuum cleaner itself.

there's nothing else. picking. Quite simple. and now we will analyze everything separately.
There are two in the bagmounting dowels for mounting the charging station to the wall.

brush with knife for cleaning and maintenance of vacuum cleaner and filter.
and withwith the blade, you can cut hair or thread, which wound up on a brush.

the instructions to the vacuum cleaner. Present Russian language. Instruction is simple, but the pictures and so everything.
I see. dalle charging station. On one side is a 27 volt power supply and on the floor ampere under the European plug.
The cable is 2 meters long. And on the other charger with plug which has two mounting holes. The charger is screwed to the wall and the vacuum cleaner is installed on top. Further brush two in one. initially there is a narrow tube for cleaning in hard-to-reach places and crevices.
when you press the lock, you can extend the brush.
this nozzle is also well suited for cleaning the car interior. by pressing the latch again we return the tube back.
next is the aluminum tube. on the one hand buttons and two pin connectors. On the other side are two protruding pins. C by means of them there is a power supply of the main brush and illumination. and here is the main brush itself. There are also pins in the brush.
the angles of rotation of the brush are good enough. a corrugated tube is visible inside. I hope it lasts a long time.
there are also two wheels for easy brush sliding on the floor. the front of the brush is led backlight consisting of three diodes.

From the bottom there is a hairy strip and the rotating roller, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

And now the vacuum cleaner itself. it has quite an original and beautiful design to keep comfortable. top two buttons to control the vacuum cleaner.

One is responsible for turning on the vacuum cleaner itself. the second for inclusion and disconnecting the turbo mode.
next comes the battery charge scale. still button to disconnect the handset. bottom connector for the battery and a button to detach it.

Still below there is a removable container for collecting dust a volume of 500 milliliters. The container is collapsible, so it is easy to wash and
serve. the bottom of the flask is hinged which will ensure easy disposal of debris.

 and of course the socket for installation on charging. and the last element is the battery, with a capacity of 2200 milliamp hours.
well, now let's assemble the vacuum cleaner itself. initially, you need to throw the battery.
next, attach the vacuum cleaner tube I think the pins are easy to deal with, since there are no other build options.
and just attach the main brush. all a vacuum cleaner is assembled. 

we will conduct the first launch. click on the power button and the vacuum cleaner starts immediately in normal mode.
check the turbo mode. the indicator shows that we have a low level charge the battery.

the backlight illuminates well enough.

there is no forced shutdown. and that's turbosketch. at her expense there is a better cleaning.
also the turbo socket can be connected directly to the vacuum cleaner without the aluminum tube for cleaning soft furnitures.

and here is so simply joins narrow tube.

it can also be connected directly to the vacuum cleaner. next you need to choose a place where it will be the vacuum cleaner will be stored and charged.
the charging station must be secured so that it was convenient to put the vacuum cleaner on charging.
so draw a line from below charging station, pre-installing a vacuum cleaner in it. then apply separately station. make marks for holes.
drill a hole and fasten charger. test. everything turned out well.

in normal operation, the vacuum cleaner is enough almost half an hour. In wurbo mode 8 minutes. therefore for cleaning but they must be combined. of course impressions of the vacuum cleaner in the video is almost impossible to share.
and before you post a video In the family I gave the vacuum cleaner to work two weeks and honestly he pleased us with his work.
200 watts of power is enough to deal with almost any garbage. and if there is a strong pollution or you need to walk on the carpet
then connect the turbo mode. the vacuum cleaner is comfortable to hold in your hand and weight almost in two kilograms not strains.
but my daughter he just loved it!)

well and for the sake of decencya small test on the croup.

the dust collector is cleaned very easily. and after a few after using the vacuum cleaner, all parts of the flask can be washed with the filter.

the main thing then all dry. in addition to the usual application of a vacuum cleaner in the apartment, it can be used for cleaning the car interior.
a regular brush there is of course nothing to do. and here is tube with tassel mismanaging on Hurray! very convenient.

the vacuum cleaner is really cool. us everyone liked it. power is enough for almost all purposes. externally looks beautiful.
from cons. I'd like more help the battery to work in turbo mode for 15 minutes but it would be quite other price. and a little annoying charging light
when the vacuum cleaner is already fully charged it still burns constantly.

On this review  finished.

PUPPYOO A9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brushless Motor LED 200W 45Min 17000pa



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