Lenovo M2 Electric scooter launched: 30KM endurance, priced at $240
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Lenovo M2 Electric scooter launched: 30KM endurance, priced at $240

Today, On May 7, 2020, Lenovo has officially launched the new Lenovo M2 electric scooter, the first smart electric scooter from Company. Last week the Company unveiled a few new products at a press conference. At the conference, Lenovo announced the electric scooter, and the price was expected to be around $282. But, surprising its customers, Lenovo has launched the scooter at $240.

Lenovo M2 Electric scooter Features:

The new electric scooter comes with a built-in battery of 18,650. This battery will help you to run the scooter for about 30Km. You will get three gears in this electric scooter i.e., 15km.h. 20km.h, 25km.h. Amazingly, you get the cruise mode in the scooter, which will help you not to press the power switch for a long time.

If you are unaware, the net weight of the electric scooter is 15Kg. The frame is made up of aluminum alloy and is also rated for IP54 and can carry about 120 kg.

On the handle, you can see the LED control panel, which will show you the speed, power gear, and other useful statuses. The Lenovo m2 electric scooter also comes with the triple braking system, which supports the disc brakes. Triple shock absorber design consists of rear-wheel independent suspension shock absorber, front fork hydraulic shock absorber, and thickness tire shock absorber.

The electric scooter uses the remote locking technology, and this will allow you to lock the scooter with the remote, with only one click. Users can also use the Mini Program to switch the whole vehicle, check the electricity, ride detection, and other functions, at any time, to grasp the situation of the vehicle, to avoid power outages.

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