Haylou T15 Review.
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Haylou T15 Review.

TWS earbuds with game mode and charging function.

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Haylou offers a budget choice of high-quality wireless earbuds. 

In this article, we will talk about Haylou T15, its main features, as well as compare with the line of wireless earbuds GT. 

The T15 model offers an interesting design, large battery capacity of the charging box, IPX5 standard water protection, game mode, and adequate touch controls. Let’s get started with an in-depth review and know advantages and disadvantages.

Haylou T15: Specifications

Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver unit: 6mm Dynamic Drivers
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: AAC
Battery: 43(2200) mAh
Charging Time: 180 min
Connections: MicroUSB+USB -A
Weight: 3.7(57)grams
Music Time: 3.5h

Haylou T15: In the box

The appearance of the package is very similar to the wireless earbuds of the GT series. 

Inside the box, you will find a charging case with earbuds inside and a separate small box with accessories. Here lay a charging cable with a MicroUSB connector, a set of silicone black ear tips, and a user manual.

The silicone ear tips are quite high quality and pleasant to the touch. The downside was the presence of a MicroUSB cable, instead of Type-C.

Haylou T15: Design

The first and most important difference between the Haylou T15 and Haylou GT2/GT1 wireless earbud models is the look. On the body, you can see the protruding protrusion, in the form of an appendix, which anatomically corrects lies in the ear canal.

It performs two purposes – this is for more comfortable wearing and the correct location of the microphone. Each earbud weighs about 3.7 grams and it is really small.

In addition, the dimensions remained the same as those of the Haylou GT2/GT1 models and in the ears, the new T15 look harmonious and stylish. They sit perfectly in your ears and sticks out nothing, like larger models, for example, Sony WF-XB700 Extra Bass.

New earbuds are made of similar black matte plastic, like their predecessors. Of course, this is not the most premium material, but it is not easily soiled and does not leave fingerprints.

The build quality at an appropriate level, as for budget earbuds. The front side of the TWS Haylou T15 earbud received touch control and an LED indicator in red and white. 

On the inside, you can see the contacts for charging with the designation of the channel and the sound guide itself. There is a protective mesh on the base of the sound guide that prevents debris and dust from entering the housing. The Haylou T15 got protection against sweat and splashes of the IPX5 standard. Going in for sports will not be a problem, but it is strictly forbidden to wet or bathe in them.

The charging box is made of the same black matte plastic. The cover has a magnetic connection and it is assembled perfectly. That is, there is no play during the opening.

On the front side, there is a rubber plug behind which is hidden a USB-A port for charging various devices. Thus, the charging box can be used as a small power bank for charging, for example, a smartphone.

The right side of the case has a Micro USB port and an LED indicator is located nearby.

Inside the case, under the cover, there are seats for earbuds. They sit well and do not fall out during shaking. Between the earbuds, three LED indicators were installed, which indicate the remaining charge level in the box.

Haylou T15: Connection and control

The first earbud connection to a mobile device is similar to that of most TWS headphones.

First, you need to get the earbuds from the charging box. On the Haylou T15, the front LED will flash, which means that the device is ready for the first connection. Next, go to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and connect to the Haylou T15.

Naturally, the earbuds use a Bluetooth wireless connection with version 5.0 and there is support for the AAC codec. This model does not have support for aptX codec.

The device received two operating modes – this is standard and gaming. The latter is necessary for games, watching videos on Youtube with a minimum latency. If we talk about the quality of the connection, then during the test there were no a break in the connection and the signal was always stable.

The control is standard like most wireless headphones, but there is no volume control function.

Haylou T15: Sound

If you’re looking for a balanced sound, then Haylou T15 TWS earbuds are a great companion for you.

Like previous GT2/GT1 models, on the new T15, the sound is pretty bright and sounds good. Mids and highs have the right structure, vocals sound good, and musical instruments play a clear. At low frequencies, there is a voluminous bass that fills the music well with energy and dynamics.

It is worth noting that a 6 mm dynamic driver is installed inside the earbud, while the GT line used a 7.2 mm driver. But in terms of sound, you will not feel much of a strong difference between these models.

If we talk about the quality of the microphone, then there is a big difference. The new Haylou T15 earbuds received a better microphone than their predecessors. This is due to the good location of the microphone.

Haylou T15: Battery

The battery life on a single charge is similar to that of previous TWS models of earbuds – it is about 3.5 hours. Each Haylou T15 earbud has a 43 mAh battery capacity.

But the main feature of this model is the presence of a large-capacity charging box with a built-in battery capacity of 2200 mAh. If you use earbuds for 2 hours every day, then you do not have to charge the device for a month. The total battery life with the charging box will be about 60 hours.

Also, the charging box can be used as a power bank for charging a discharged smartphone or another device. A full charge will take you about 3 hours.

Haylou T15: Conclusion 

The positive side of the T15 model is the high-quality assembly and materials used, good touch control, perfect microphone position, large charging box capacity, game mode, 6 mm dynamic driver for good sound, and high volume.

Of course, there are some cons. They are the presence of a MicroUSB port, instead of Type-C, and there is also no volume control function.

Haylou T15 TWS True Wireless Stereo Mini Binaural Earphones In-ear Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds from Xiaomi



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