Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 Review

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 Review

As you probably may already know, Xiaomi offers a large range of products to improve peoples lives. The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is a great extension on this range. It is not just a weighing scale but it can do much more through the Mi Fit App. But do you need all this functionality, and can this scale help when you are trying to improve your health or does it just look good in your bathroom? And what is that Body Balance Test you can do on this scale?

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I expect a high quality scale that quickly and clearly displays your weight when standing on it. Although the Mi Scale 2 has integration with the Mi Fit App, I hope you can use it to a certain degree without having the app activated. Next to that, I am very curious about the added value of the app and how it integrates with the scale.


The Mi Scale 2 comes in a white retail box. This product is aimed for the Chinese market and contains the product name in Chinese and English in front. Further the package is sober and does not contain text but only a product photo and some icons.

The scale is packed well protected in the inner box and two sleeves that contain warnings in several languages.

Build Quality & Design

 My old body scale has some sharp edges. I lost count of the times I bumped into them with my toes (that hurts like standing on a Lego brick). Luckily, the Xiaomi Scale has rounded off edges. The scale really is pretty simple: it has a glass top and there, no visible buttons and switches and the LED display only shows when the scale is activated. In the stands of the scale the on-switch is positioned, and the switch turns off automatically after it is left idle for a couple of moments.

Heath / Power consumption /Noise

 The Mi Scale 2 requires 3 AAA batteries to operate but these are not always included. There is no way to switch off the Bluetooth 5.0 and removing any of the three batteries will only turn of the entire scale. 


For some people, using a scale is a confrontational moment. The slick design, easy of use and Bluetooth connection on the Mi Scale 2 will not change anything about that. Another handy feature is that the scale can measure light weight products, so not only heavy bodies. 

Using the Mi Scale 2 without an app 

You can use the Mi Scale 2 without connecting it to the app. It will then show your weight in kilogram. After a couple of moments the scale will turn off. You can also use the scale to weigh other (lighter) items, precision is up to 50 gram. 

Connecting the Mi Scale 2 to the Mi Fit App 

Registration can with Mi account, Facebook, Google or your email address. After you logged in click on the ‘+’ and choose ‘Scale’. The app will tell you to step on the scale and you are paired. Simple but effective.

 Complementary Products / Alternatives

 Online, you can find loads of different scales but they won’t fit as well in the Xiaomi Fit ecosystem. The Huawei Honor AH100 is a similar scale with similar functionalities, but with a different ecosystem. Same story for the Icomon FG260LB scale, which uses the FitDays app. Icomon scale, Huawei. 


 Great design 

Mi Fit App support 

Very fast 

Pairing with app is easy and fast 

Automatically detects an other person or a light weight product. 


Only shows weight on the scale. (no BMI, fat, or other things) 

Mi Fit App requires registration. 

Verdict of the bluetooth smart scale

The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is a good and very smart scale, but whether it is the best option depends on how you plan using it: when using it combined with the Mi Fit App, the Mi Scale 2 is the best, because how well it integrates in the ecosystem. After all, the scale really has added value when tracking your health through the app. When you decide not to use the app, the scale is still very good looking, but all you will get from it is your current weight. It is a very affordable scale, but if you don’t plan to use the app I think you can get more functionality from a scale from the competitors.

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