Either Too Cold or Too Hot in Winter? The Xiaomi Mijia Heater Can Turn Your Home into A Thermostat!
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Either Too Cold or Too Hot in Winter? The Xiaomi Mijia Heater Can Turn Your Home into A Thermostat!

It’s getting colder and colder. You can feel the coolness in the evening. The central heating is not available in the complex yet. However, you might have already caught a cold. 

The traditional radiators consume a lot of electricity, and they might not be powerful to warm up the entire room. What should you do? 

Here came the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Heater Temperature Control Version. It can quickly increase the temperature and allows you to control the temperature with three different options. It is offered at an incredibly low price, only 299 yuan, about $42. It is officially on sale on Sept. 30. 

The power of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Heater Temperature Control Version can be up to 2200W. 

It uses 74 upgraded, efficient aluminum radiators which are arranged nicely, creating a total heat dissipating space of 4800 cubic centimeters. Air can easily flow through the heater. Meanwhile, the contact area is larger for more efficient heat conversion. 

It features two-way heat dissipation to warm up the air indoors, generating convection currents, promoting the cyclic heating of the air. 

Both the front and top heat dissipating area are wide enough, which is good for making the entire room warm. Additionally, you can effectively avoid coldness by staying next to the electric heater.

The output power can be set at 900W, 1300W, 2200W to meet different needs. By using the rotary button, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature and cozy warmth. 

With a built-in temperature control system, when the room temperature exceeds the preset temperature, it will stop generating more heat. Otherwise, when the room temperature is lower than the preset temperature, it will continue heating to guarantee warmth and comfort. It’s also more power-saving.

The internal electric circuit is fully sealed, and the heater is IPX4 water-resistant. Thus, you can use it without worries in the bedroom, bathroom, etc. It also provides a clothes hanger on the top for drying clothes more conveniently.

The new Electric Heater will be available on Gearbest soon.

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