Awaiting New Flagship by OPPO. Find X2 Review.
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Awaiting New Flagship by OPPO. Find X2 Review.

Smartphone with a super display and great design!

More recently, OPPO introduced the flagship smartphone model called Find X2. Previously, the Find X series of devices was technologically unique and breakthrough. In a way, Find X were concepts for sale.

Today, Oppo's strategy has changed: everything is aimed at satisfying ordinary users. Actually, that's why there is nothing extraordinary in Find X2 - it is a relatively familiar smartphone on a modern chassis. Positioning is the current flagship.

Find X2 highlights several key features:

• Large screen with support for 120 Hz, HDR 10+ and hardware “acceleration” of Ultra Vision Engine content.
• Cameras. They installed a 5x hybrid zoom, a 48 MP main camera and a wide-angle lens with a Sony IMX708 sensor.
• Quick charge 65 W, allowing you to energize your smartphone to 60% in just 15 minutes.
• Powerful processor. Of course, this is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with all that it implies.


The novelty has received the classic design that we have seen over the past years: an impressive-sized case, smooth corners and, of course, a screen with curved edges. The frames are made of metal, and the sides are made of glass.

Glass on the back is quite easily soiled, although there is an oleophobic coating.

On the right is the power button. It is thin, the stroke is minimal, pressing is hard. It’s not necessary to reach. In the recess is colored green.

On the left are two separate volume keys. There is no 3.5 mm connector in this model.

Below you will find USB-C, a slot for one SIM card (for Russia there will be two SIMs), a microphone and a speaker. Above is an extra microphone. The speaker is on the front panel. Together with the bottom, stereo sound is obtained. The speaker is loud, it sounds clean.

The selfie camera was entered on the screen on the left. She is not striking at all: you remember her only when you want to take a selfie.

There is a fingerprint scanner under the screen. It functions quickly, but not as instantly as traditional sensors on the body. You can use the unlock on the face - it works quickly with tactile feedback.

On the reverse side is a large module with lenses, a microphone, a flash and laser focusing.

It is also worth noting tactile feedback. The impression is that different motors are used for vibration during a call and for tactile feedback. In the second case, the interaction resembles the Taptic Engine in the Apple iPhone.


From the specifications you could understand that the AMOLED matrix is used here, the screen diagonal is 6.7 inches. The resolution is high - QHD +, that is, 3168 × 1440 pixels.

It is worth highlighting support for HDR10 + and 10 bit color, the refresh rate of the screen is 60 or 120 Hz. Moreover, the frequency of 120 Hz can be selected without restrictions, whether it is screen resolution, high brightness of the matrix or the launch of the game. The main thing is that the application has the ability to display a picture at 120 Hz.

If you use the Oppo Find X2 for a few days at a frequency of 120 Hz and pick up a regular smartphone with 60 Hz, it seems that the old device is a complete brake. The difference between 60 and 120 Hz is felt. This results in a very smooth image.

In addition, the sensor has a response of 240 Hz!

Another innovation is the Ultra Vision Engine processor. A hardware solution for motion compensation and HDR display. In the first case, the chip completes the missing frames in the video.

Resource DisplayMate, specializing in test screens, has rated A + smartphone Oppo Find X2.


In the new Oppo Find X2, two 2100 mAh batteries are installed, that is, the total capacity is 4200 mAh.

The kit also comes with a powerful 65 W charge. From 0% to 100% charges in 37 minutes.


Main camera
•   48 MP main module, Sony IMX586 sensor, f / 1.7 aperture. There is optical stabilization.
•   A wide-angle module of 120 degrees by 12 MP, Sony IMX708 sensor, f / 2.2 aperture of the lens. Without optical stabilization.
•   13 MP zoom module, f / 2.4 aperture, 5x hybrid. Without optical stabilization.

32 MP front module, Sony IMX616 sensor, f / 2.4 aperture.

The video device shoots in 4K resolution up to 60 frames per second only on the main camera.

The interface is familiar: on top - flash, HDR, Ai, effects and settings; below - the "Night" mode, video, photo, portrait, "More." A little higher - switching between cameras: wide angle, 1x, 2x and 5x. There is shooting in 48 MP and the choice of aspect of the frame. Slow-motion video is stored at 720p at 960 fps and 1080 at 240 fps.

Memory and performance

The speed of 12 GB of RAM - 17 500 MB / s. The speed of the internal memory (256 GB) is 1300/630 MB / s. Great performance!
In the Antutu benchmark, the Oppo Find X2 smartphone (QHD +, 120 Hz) scores almost 600,000 points. Heating from 31 to 37 degrees.

Oppo Find X2 smartphone is fast, without glitches and brakes.

This model is running a proprietary shell Color OS version 7.1, which is based on Google Android version 10.


Two speakers give out stereo sound. The speakers are loud, they sound very clean and pleasant. The width of the stereo base is large, that is, you feel like playing stereo. The top speaker sounds a little quieter than the bottom. Little bass, mostly high frequencies. You can use the Dolby Atmos settings. The sound changes, but not much.

The smartphone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone output. It saves the multifunctional USB-C.
In the Bluetooth settings, you can always choose a codec, if, of course, the headphones understand it. This is usually aptX.


The main pleasure from Find X2 is its screen! Color rendering, support for HDR10 +, QHD + resolution, aspect ratio and, of course, 120 Hz refresh rate in all operating modes, including games, if they support it.

The pluses include tactile feedback, a convenient elongated body, stereo speakers and lightning fast charging.

Of the minuses, we can distinguish:
• Average camera quality
• Lack of wireless charging
• No protection against water and dust according to IP67 / IP68 standards

A very soon wait a new flagship by OPPO - new OPPO Find X2 Pro.

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G 6.7 inch Smartphone Snapdragon 865 8-core 12GB 256GB Back Camera 48MP + 12MP + 13MP 4200mAh Battery CN Plug



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