Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer For Toilet: UV Germicidal, 99.9% Bactericidal Rate, Standby 45 Days.
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Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer For Toilet: UV Germicidal, 99.9% Bactericidal Rate, Standby 45 Days.

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A person spends about 15000 hours on the toilet in his life.

The toilet is not only a gathering place for many bacteria, but also flushes bacteria and microbes up to 6 meters high and suspended in the air for several hours.

In the United States, the first case of novel coronavirus was detected in the patient's feces.

In addition, all kinds of objects we come into contact with in life will become carriers of all kinds of viruses if they can not be effectively disinfected in time.

Therefore, it is really important to disinfect effectively at any time.

Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer, small size, no need to plug in, convenient installation, effective disinfection, super practical.

Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer Intelligent UV Germicidal Lamp from Xiaomi youpin



99.9% bactericidal rate, which protects the health of you and your family.

Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer adopts UVC ultraviolet disinfection method, which can release ultraviolet rays at 253.7 nm band and destroy DNA base pairs of pathogenic microorganisms. It goes deep into every corner of the toilet and instantly kills bacteria, with a germicidal rate as high as 99.9%.

During the epidemic, the use of Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer can effectively curb the spread of bacteria and viruses, whether for the health of oneself and his family, or to prevent germs from being brought by guests.

Rapid smart sterilization in five minutes

The appearance design of Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer is very exquisite, and the arc line is just right, which can wipe out bacteria.

And the built-in chip makes it very smart. When you close the toilet seat, it automatically senses and turns on the sterilization mode. After opening the seat, it will stop automatically, which will not only save energy and protect the environment, but also avoid accidental exposure to people.

Of course, each disinfects does not need to wait too long, as long as five minutes, it can easily and efficiently sterilize.

Strong ozone penetration to remove toilet odor.

In addition to the attachment of germs, another common problem with toilets is that they have a bad smell.

Especially when you eat beans, leeks, and so on, the taste after shit is too deadly.

After installing the Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer, you don't have to worry about this problem.

The oxygen in the air can be decomposed into ozone molecules under 185 nm ultraviolet light, which can be fully diffused in every dead corner of the toilet, which can effectively decompose and reduce the stench in the toilet.

IPX4 waterproof design

Don't worry that the damp environment in the bathroom will make it invalid. Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer adopts the waterproof design of the whole machine and is equipped with a circumferential silicone ring, which can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof and avoid the breeding of bacteria.

When it is contaminated, its IPX4 waterproof also allows the Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer to be washed directly with water, or soaked in water for a short time, without having to worry about damage after contact with water.

3600mAh large battery, full at one time, with a life span of 45 days.

Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer has built-in a 3600mAh large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery. According to the frequency of sterilization twice a day, one charge can meet the demand for 45 days.

When the power is very low, its indicator light will show a red flashing status to remind you to recharge.

* the above test data are from the official report of Xiaoda.

Easy to install and easy to use.

Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer has the advantages of simple structure and convenient installation. There is no need for a tedious installation process, you just need to glue it to the toilet seat through its own high-quality 3M glue.

And the silica gel card slot design can also effectively prevent shedding. 

The specific installation method is as follows:

1. Wipe the toilet cover clean.

2. Tear off the back seal.

3. Stick it to the toilet seat.

4. Turn on the switch of Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer.

5. Buckle the sterilizer into the card slot.

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Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer Intelligent UV Germicidal Lamp from Xiaomi youpin



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