Free Product Trial Offer! 2 HXSJ T37 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Mouses FOR FREE!
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Free Product Trial Offer! 2 HXSJ T37 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Mouses FOR FREE!



Black: realmarco123
Light Pink:  endor_mem

To allow Gearbest customers to access more real, professional, and detailed user-generated content in the community, Gearbest Community has launched a free product trial scheme. We hope that you actively participate in this exciting experience!

Product Introduction

Product: HXSJ T37 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Mouse

HXSJ T37 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Mouse



Number of trial users: 

Black: 1

Light Pink: 1

Price: $12.99

Free Trial Rules

1. Click the picture, take a screenshot of this picture.

2. SHARE it to your own Instagram, and add the following hashtags: #gearbestcommunityfreetrial #mousewireless

3. Comment your reasons for applying for the trial and @gearbest.

Gearbest Official will pick two winners and give away the HXSJ T37 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Mouse.

Time of event: Dec 7 0:00- 14 0:00 UTC

Gearbest Official will announce the winners in this post before December 17.

Trial Notes

1. Free trial users are required to write trial reports within 10 business days after receipt of the product. Otherwise, they will be forever ineligible to participate in Gearbest community events;

2. To enhance the experience of reading the trial report, users participating in the event should pay attention to the following points:

1) Article structure: The article should be clear and contain both primary and secondary points;

2) Depth of experience: Users should maintain objective during the trial, fully experience all functions of the product, and grasp its core functions to write the report;

3) Writing standards: Descriptions should be concise and to the point to improve the readability of the text. Bonus points will be rewarded for adding interesting, relevant content;

4) Photography standards: Images should be clear with good composition. Appealing images should be used in the report to display various product details;

5) User experience: Users should share their product experience and tips with other readers;

6) Review summary: Users should objectively and correctly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the product, and provide suggestions for improvement;

7) Innovative forms: Trial users will receive more rewards for using creative content (e.g., video).

HXSJ T37 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Mouse



Gearbest Normal Price: $12.99

Gearbest Community Extral Coupon: GBCNHXSJT37

Coupon Price: $9.99 (Limit 200 units)

If you have any questions, please email us at

* reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the activity.

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