9 Cheap and Durable Android Smartphones You Can Get Under $100 on Gearbest.
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9 Cheap and Durable Android Smartphones You Can Get Under $100 on Gearbest.

Are you looking for the best Android smartphone for your needs? You are in the right place now. Gearbest offers up to 9 cheap and also durable smartphones that are equipped with a lot of features and benefits for the users. In this article, we will recommend some of the most popular smartphones that are available at a very affordable price for you. These smartphones get a lot of good testimonials and reviews from our customers.

Cubot Kingkong Mini 4G Smartphone


√ Durable and Fall Resistant;

√ Strong and powerful processor. You can handle any complicated tasks without any delays;

√ Face recognition feature;

√ Dual SIM to help you switch from one SIM card to another one easily;

√ 13 MP rear and 8 MP front cameras for helping you take beautiful pictures;

√ Made from waterproof and dust-resistant materials;

√ Small in size and big performance (comes with 12nm chipset, 32 GB ROM, and also 3 GB RAM).


• This phone has a small keyboard that can be difficult for you to write long sentences;

• Its battery is only about 2000 mAh.

What You will Get

When you buy this incredible smartphone for your needs, you will be amazed by its beautiful 4.0 inches display. This screen will create a different and unique visual experience for all customers. You can enjoy up to 540 x 1080 pixels high resolution. It is very easy for you to hold the position of this phone. It has about 4-inches screen that is very convenient and comfortable for all users.

Cubot KINGKONG MINI 4G Smartphone 4.0 inch Android 9.0 MT6761 Quad Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13.0MP Rear Camera 2000mAh Battery Global Version



Cubot X19 S 4G Smartphone


√ Powerful performance with 32 GB ROM and 4GB RAM. It allows you to run multitasking activities smoothly;

√ Impressive Helio P23 with 16 nm processor technology for delivering power efficient system;

√ Fast operating system. This device is equipped with the original Android 9.0 with Artificial Intelligence. This system will learn your preferences for offering fast and smart systems;

√ Face unlock and Fingerprint ID technology. The device is improved constantly for optimizing the identification speed and also the accuracy;

√ Very convenient for you to play games with this device. It comes with geomagnetic and accurate gyroscope sensors.


• A little bit heavier than the other portable smartphones. It weighs about 175 grams.

What You will Get

Cubot X19 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market now. This is a phablet device that has a large 5.93 inches display. You will also get an incredible photo-taking experience. It comes with 16 MP + 2 MP rear camera and also 8 MP front camera. You will also get a battery with a huge capacity which will be up to 4000 mAh.

Cubot X19 S 4G Smartphone 5.93 inch Android 9.0 MT6763 Octa Core 4GB RAM 32GB ROM 2 Rear Camera 4000mAh Battery Global Version



Cubot KingKong CS 3G Smartphone


√ Long-lasting smartphone. It is equipped with a big battery capacity which is about 4400 mAh. It will last for 2 days on standby mode;

√ Fast performance smartphone with MT 6580 processor, 2GB RAM, and 16 GB ROM;

√ 13 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP front camera. You can capture high quality and incredible images easily with this smartphone;

√ Accurate gyro and GPS sensor. It also has geomagnetic sensors on this smartphone. You can use accurate GPS from this device for traveling around the world easily. 


• Only available in Black color.

What You will Get

With its affordable price which is around $99 only, you can get an incredible smartphone with complete features and benefits for you. This is the first Android 10 rugged phone that is available on the market now. You will get a powerful and strong smartphone with a waterproof and dustproof feature.

CUBOT KingKong CS 3G Smartphone Android 10 (Go Edition) 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Face ID IP68 Waterproof Global Version



Ulefone Armor X3 3G Smartphone


√ Waterproof structure and components (including, waterproof USB port, waterproof speaker, waterproof buttons, waterproof earpiece). This is a unique feature that is offered by the Ulefone Armor X3 smartphone. It is specially designed for your favorite underwater sports;

√ Huge battery capacity with 5000 mAh capacity. It will offer up to 440 hours standby time, 9 hours of video time, 37 hours of music time, and 25 hours of talking time;

√ Incredible image quality with 18:9 full-screen experience;

√ Stable and smooth performance with quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 32 GB ROM.


• 3G is the only network supported by this smartphone. You cannot use the 4G network for operating this smartphone.

What You will Get

You don't have to spend a lot of your money for getting this incredible device. This phablet is offered at $99 only during this flash sale period. You will get an incredible 5.5 inches display phablet with a vivid visual experience. It has a beautiful 720 x 1440 high resolution. If you spend a lot of your time in front of a mobile phone, this device can be a perfect option for you. This device is supported with its big capacity battery which will offer up to 5000 mAh.

Ulefone Armor X3 3G Smartphone



Ulefone Armor X7 4G Smartphone 


√ Updated Android 10 operating system for making your life easier;

√ It is very easy for you to operate this smartphone. It has handy shortcut keys that allow you to get access to several functions of this unit, including, flashlight, underwater camera, emergency call, PTT app, screenshot, etc.;

√ It has a sensitive and convenient operation with gloves mode. You can wear your gloves for operating this smartphone;

√ Good as the best outdoor companion with some features, such as bubble level, flashlight, compass, alarm, height meter, etc.;

√ You can enjoy the convenience of using high tech NFC and Google Pay system;

√ Smooth performance with MT 6761 Quad-Core processor.


• This smartphone has a non-removable battery. You cannot upgrade the battery to the higher capacity battery.

What You will Get

This is one of the most popular smartphones on the market now. This 4G rugged phone is available for all customers who are looking for a fast, powerful, and strong smartphone for their needs. You will get 360' full protection when using this phone. This smartphone is certified by MIL-STD-810G for its military-grade. Its IP68 and IP69K protection grade will improve the overall durability of this smartphone.

Ulefone Armor X7 4G Smartphone 5 inch Android 10.0 Helio A20 MT6761VWE 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 2 Rear Camera 4000mAh Battery IP68 IP69K Waterproof Global Version



Ulefone Note 8P 


√ It has a 3-card slot which will allow you to store dual SIM cards and 1 storage card. You can upgrade the memory of this device for up to 128 GB extra memory;

√ Ulefone Note 8P has the newest Android OS 10 Go Edition which will deliver the best experience for all users. It can protect your security and privacy by offering a good balance for you and your family;

√ Its face unlock system is another interesting feature of this device. You can unlock this smartphone by using your face. It can be a perfect security feature that is offered by this tablet;

√ Powerful performance with MTK6737 CPU.


• Its rear camera only has 8MP resolution. However, it is good enough for a tablet that is offered for less than $70.

What You will Get

You will get three different color options that are offered by this smartphone, including black, amber sunrise, and midnight green. These color options are popular among many people because they can create an incredible look and appearance from this smartphone. This smartphone is suitable for you who want to use a smartphone for a long time. It has an energy-efficient battery which will guarantee long-lasting performance. Its 5.5 inches screen can fit your hand perfectly.

Ulefone Note 8P 4G Phablet 5.5 inch Android 10 Go Edition MT6737VW 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 8MP + 2MP Rear Camera 2700mAh Battery Global Version



HomTom HT80 IP68 Smartphone 


√ SOS distress calling function. This is one of the best features of this unit. You can setup up to 5 emergency contact numbers. When you need any help, you can press the SOS button for calling any numbers immediately;

√ Multifunctional NFC system for supporting Google Pay, Subway Cards, Bus Cards, etc;

√ Strong body with a shock-proof feature;

√ Face and fingerprint recognition for unlocking this device;

√ Large battery with 4300 mAh capacity. This battery offers up to 300 hours of standby time.


• Plain design with black color only.

What You will Get

If you purchase this incredible smartphone, you will get the best-rugged smartphone in the world. This phone will withstand high and low temperatures (its working temperature is ranging from -40 to 70'C). All parts of this smartphone are also covered with a dust-free and waterproof cover. You can prevent dust and water from causing any damages to this phone. You will receive a good smartphone that also supports wireless charging feature. You can charge it without any hassles with messy cables.

HOMTOM HT80 IP68 Smartphone 4G LTE Android 10 5.5 Inch MT6737 Quad Core NFC SmarthoneWireless charger



OUKITEL C19 4G Smartphone 


√ Hybrid SIM slot with 2 SIM slots and 1 micro SD card slot. You can upgrade the storage system for up to 256 GB;

√ Fast quad-core processor. You can run multiple apps at the same time smoothly;

√ Large screen with 6.49 inches HD display. Its immersive water-drop display can deliver the best image quality from this smartphone. This HD screen has up to 400-candela brightness;

√ Triple rear cameras (13 MP, 0.3 MP, 0.3 MP) and 5 MP front camera. This camera has powerful AI scene recognition.


• The default storage space of this smartphone is only about 16 GB. However, you don't need to worry about this thing. You can always upgrade the storage space of this unit easily.

What You will Get

This smartphone is available in 4 different color options, including green, gradient blue, purple, and black. When using this smartphone, you will get the latest Android 10 Go on this smartphone. This operating system has some of the best Google apps, such as Camera Go, Gallery Go, Google Play Protect, Gesture Control, etc.

OUKITEL C19 4G Smartphone Android 10 Go 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 6.49 inch HD + 13.0MP + 0.3MP + 0.3MP Rear Camera 4000mAh Global Version



DOOGEE X95 Android 


√ Powerful camera with 13 MP ultra-clear camera, 2 MP portrait camera, 2 MP 2x telephoto camera. You can choose your focus and other settings from your camera easily;

√ Reliable and impressive MTK Helio A20 quad-core processor. This smartphone can help you enjoy a comfortable and convenient experience with this phone;

√ DOOGEE X95 has a confident and minimalistic design that is very interesting for most users;

√ 6.52 inches Corning Gorilla Glass with HD waterdrop full screen. It will create a stylish glare gradient for improving the overall image quality from this device. It has a 19:9 aspect ratio for creating the best brightness level from this unit.


• Only has 16 GB RAM. Some heavy applications will have some lag problems.

What You will Get

Are you looking for the best budget smartphone for your needs? You can buy this DooGee X95 Android phone now. You will get a long-lasting smartphone with a 4350 mAh battery. This phone also comes with a 10w fast charging charger, so you can charge this smartphone quickly. Its ultra-thin body is very comfortable and convenient for the users.

World Premise DOOGEE X95 Android 10 4G-LTE Cellphones 6.52 Display MTK6737 16GB ROM Dual SIM




It can be the best time for you to buy the best smartphone at a very affordable price. All recommended smartphones above are available for less than $100. You can save a lot of your money when buying any of those devices.

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