The Most Value-for-money Multi-tool Pliers That You Should Have
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The Most Value-for-money Multi-tool Pliers That You Should Have

I haven't seen any multi-tool which is more competitive than this one at similar prices, just about $32. The multi-tool consists of 12 tools, including pliers, wire cutters, a knife, a saw, a serrated knife, an awl, 3 Philips heads, a flat head, a hexagonal head, a pair of scissors. All are well-made.

The pliers are sturdy with teeth properly matched up with each other whose gaps aren't big. The pliers are spring loaded, easily removable, perfectly oiled. The pliers are integrated with wire cutters which are a feature is only seen in the superior ones. 

The wire cutters of this multi-tool can be removed and they are perfect for leather-men. I would give it 4 stars for the pliers alone and buy this product in spite of other tools.

The rest of the tools are handy, and you can get them quickly. They are locking, which is rarely seen in lower-end multi-tools and all of them can be straightened outward from the handles. All are much easier to use than most lower-end multi-tools. That's another reason why I like the tool.

On the left, you've got a serrated blade, a saw, an awl, a magnetic holder:

a. The serrated blade is sharp, which can be used to cut the cord and rope easily out of the box;

b. The saw works nicely to cut small branches alike, great for hiking and camping. All of its teeth are sharp enough to do most tasks. The price is really worth it;

c. The awl is the most loose one among the tools and the weakest as well. It seems awkward;

d. The magnetic holder is great for me because the bits can be put inside so I don't need to carry a bunch of combo tools. I put all bits of the screwdriver into it, it is so convenient to use;

On the right side, you've got the knife, screwdriver (with 3 Philips heads, a flat head, a hexagonal head), a wire cutter/bottle opener/can opener, scissors;

a. The knife is the only tool with a stud on this side so you can quickly tell which side is the blade and set about working instantly. It is quite sharp and in a decent size;

b. The flat head is small, seeming redundant and I think the manufacturer can replace it with something more useful;

c. The 3-in-1 tool helps you to open the can/bottle, and strip wires easily, but it would be better if the bottle opener is separated from the tool;

d. The scissors are sturdy, but they will become uncomfortable to use after a long period of time because they are small;

What's more, the multi-tool comes with a pouch which is of good quality, it can be closed very well to keep the multi-tool.

Ganzo G302-H 12 in 1 Multi-function Folding Pliers



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