Amazfit Verge smartwatch -- fitness tracking and GPS for a low price

Amazfit Verge smartwatch -- fitness tracking and GPS for a low price

Sub-health becomes the norm among young people. 

Working from morning till night, we are too tired to do exercise.

It is either too expensive or too time-consuming go to the gym and exercise on the weekend. 

When you run in the garden, you don’t know how to adjust the state; when you work in the office, you tend to forget to drink or relax. 

Well, you need an intimate companion. Make you healthier, 5 days standby with you, born for exercise.

Reasons for recommendation:

1. Heart rate monitor gives you the real-time feedback

2. Fitness data let you know your sports and sleep quality in an intuitive way

3. Bluetooth connection to sync your data to the Android phone or iOS phone, and listening to music by connecting the Bluetooth earphones

4. 5 days long standby time, with a built-in 390mAh LiPo battery on a full charge

5. 1.3-inch color display, so you can enjoy various styles and use dials as you like


The amazfit smartwatch continues the circular dial design. 

It is equipped with a 1.3-inch AMOLED colorful display, resolution up to 360 x 360, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3rd generation glass and anti-fingerprint coating. 

This design can effectively protect the screen from scratches. At the same time, it also looks very textured.

The right side of the smartwatch dial is designed with a red button. It is mainly used to unlock the dial. 

The small hole below the red button is the microphone input hole.

Battery and Performance

It’s most probably your main concern before buying a smartwatch. 

You don’t expect to charge your watch regularly like your smartphone. 

Huami Amazfit verge has a 280mAh Lithium Polymer Battery which can be fully charged within 2.5 hours by any USB 2.0 cable and standby 5days.


The Amazfit smartwatch is equipped with a custom operating system from Huami. 

The interface is easy to understand and the UI is easy to control. 

Press the power button to enter the dial interface, then slide up and down to select various functions. 

Slide left for various application functions, right for view pending items, up for view message notification, and down for entering the system setting interface.

Various functions satisfy daily use. 

The smartwatch supports heart rate, exercise, sleep, sports record, telephone, card package, meter, music, alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, schedule, compass, and many other functional applications.

In terms of sports functions, it has built-in running, walking, indoor running, elliptical, mountain climbing and other sports modes. 

After the sport is turned on, the screen will display the time, mileage, steps, and real-time heart rate. 

APP -- Amazfit Watch 

The Amazfit is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. After the watch is turned on for the first time, a QR code is generated on the dial.

Scan it and bind with the phone. 

In this process, some basic information about the user's height and weight will be entered, which is mainly used to judge the health data standard.

After binding successful, you can see that the main interface. 

You can view a lot of information such as heart rate, steps, sleep information, sports records, and remaining battery power. 

You can also operate some general applications, such as uploading audio files. Add a bus card, etc. 

On the dial side, it supports 13 selected dials, ranging from classic traditional watches to sporty models.

In the APP, you can view health information in detail. 

For sleep detection and heart rate, Amazfit verge can better help users to correct bad habits such as staying up late, excess sedentary time.

This Amazfit smartwatch is popular among the younger because of its rich features and cost-effectiveness, great for both daily work and exercise. 

We can lead a healthier and smarter life with Amazfit.

Amazfit Verge Sports Smart Watch - Chinese Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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