Top 5 Block Building Sets in January 2020

Top 5 Block Building Sets in January 2020

Top 5 block building sets in January 2020

As you might know, Gearbest offers a lot of block building sets for insanely great prices. Since the stock changes on a regular basis I want to help you finding the best sets available. 

In the last year new block brands appeared on the market and the mosu popular and also the ones with the best brick qualities are CaDa and Mould King. Luckily for us, Gearbest has both brands in stock!

But why should you buy those brands instead of the big danish brand we all know? 

Well, there are three main reasons why:

- the price: those brands are often way cheaper than the danish brand. If you do not have a big budget, you can still get big sets for a reasonable price

- the designs: most of the sets from CaDa and Mould King are not copies. Instead you get sets that have not been available anywhere and are unique

- the quality: the bricks are of great quality and are fully compatible with other brand's parts

But let's get started with my Top 5:

1. CaDa C61006W Adventurer RC (Jeep Wrangler) 1941pcs

This set is one of the more expensive ones but totally worth the money! It is fully motorized and can be remote controlled. The final car is huge (46cm long and 23cm wide) and has enough power to climb the obstacles in your (children's) room.

CADA C61006 Vehicle RC Block Toy 1941PCS



I built it myself, take a look at the video I made: 

2. CaDa C61016W Porsche 919 Hybrid 1586pcs

The Porsche 919 hybrid is CaDa's blockbuster. It is one of the best sets and has - in my opinion- the best price-performance ratio. For approx. 50€ you will get a 48cm long racing car, that can even be updated to a motorized version with the optional part set.

CaDA Stylish Racing Model Assembling Take Apart Simulated 919 Sports Car 1586pcs Building Blocks V4 Engine 3-Gear Function Educational Toys for Kids Teens Adults DIY Project



CaDA S054 Assembling Building Block Bricks Power Function Spare Part for C61016 C61018



3. Sembo 107008 Cargo Truck from The Wandering Earth Movie 1535pcs

The Cargo Truck set by Sembo is something special because it is a licensed product of China's blockbuster "The Wandering Earth" which is also available on Netflix (if you haven't seen the movie, watch it!). This huge truck comes with a trailer and 6 minifigures to replay the story! 

107006 Children Earth Truck Model Building Blocks Toy Set



4. Qizhile 23009 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RC 3168pcs

The Mustang is defintely one of the biggest sets. It's scale is 1:8 which means, this beast will be 55cm long and 26cm wide. It is also fully motorized and comes with LED lights as well. This set is definitely for teenagers and adults, but it will look great!

23009 1:10 2.4G Four-channel Remote Control Car Building Block 3168PCS



5. Xiaomi MITU Mi Self Balancing Robot 978pcs

Combine fun and science! Like Segways and Ninebots this robot is self balancing which means that it always tries to stay upright even if it crashes into obstacles. You can control the robot (or the other vehicles you can build with the parts) with your smartphone. It is also possible to program it to drive certain routes. The set is by far the most expensive in the Top 5 but is also is the most advanced regarding technology.

Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder EU



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