Alfawise V10 Max Cleaner With A Great Discount, Happy Mothers Day

Alfawise V10 Max Cleaner With A Great Discount, Happy Mothers Day

Get A Great Cleaner For Your Great Mom

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The Alfawise V10 Max Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports both dry and wet cleaning. It comes equipped with a massive suction power of 2200 Pa, a large garbage and water container, as well as a single charge for up to 2 hours of cleaning. It looks like Alfawise V10 Max has everything you need to become an indispensable assistant in the house.

Alfawise V10 Max laser navigation robot arrives in a tried and tested circle shape design. The upper body is made of glossy paint for high-end and modern mirror effect, with a quite simple and intuitive interface and bright blue details. Also, its blue inserts give it a distinctive look and separate it from the hoard of vacuum cleaners.

On the top, you can find its round tower with its scanning mechanism that scans the room. Next to the tower, you can see its two physical control buttons. The first button is for turning on/off the device, and the other one is for returning it to the charging station. Next to the buttons, you can find the Alfawise logo, so you don’t forget who the manufacturer of this device is.

Under the top panel, which is a lid, there is a dust collector and water for wet cleaning. Both of these tanks have been scaled more appropriately for proper cleaning. On the sides of the device, bumpers and sensors are installed. They help in preventing a collision from walls and furniture and also warn the device for steps or thresholds. On the bottom of the device, there are two side brushes with a long brush. These brushes help in perfectly collecting garbage from all the corners and inaccessible places, pushing it to the main brush.

The steering wheels and magnetic contacts for charging are between the side brushes of the device. The main long brush is for collecting debris, hair, and wool from the floor and pushing it inside the garbage collector. At the bottom backside of the vacuum cleaner, you can see its special panel with a cloth for wet cleaning. Thanks to the proper water system, water is evenly distributed on the fabric, and the vacuum cleaner mops floors thoroughly.

Moreover, the Especially slim design of 34 x 34 x 10 cm and 3.5 kg lightweight increase the aesthetic and help the device operate faster and more flexible in any space. In addition, its compact size not only allows the device to clean on open surfaces but also under the bed, table, and sofa.Also, if you want to clean your place while you are away from home, then you need to install Alfawise App on your smartphone. From the application, you can easily set its schedule, timer, water, and also select the mode and rooms for cleaning.

In a single full charge, the Alfawise V10 Max can perform cleaning for about two hours. In two hours, it can easily clean a room measuring approximately 200 square meters. The battery capacity is 4300mAh, and it takes about 3-4 hours to charge fully.

Alfawise V10 Max Laser Navigation Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Auto Recharge Resumption Smart APP Control Support Alexa Google Home EU Plug



Price before the discount is 259.99 USD, and after using "ALFAV10MAX" code it's going to be 219.99 USD

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