Your Capital Does Not Exceed 169 Dollars? This is The Most Suitable Phone For That Price.
Abdelhak khai

Your Capital Does Not Exceed 169 Dollars? This is The Most Suitable Phone For That Price.

Well guys, I haven't posted for a while here, but today I returned to you with this article to share with you my opinion on the best smartphone that can be bought for $169.

There are very great companies that produce excellent phones like Samsung and Huawei, but the problem with these companies is that they do not offer their devices at an acceptable price, and when they release a phone at a low price, that phone does not comply with the latest technical specifications in the market.

This annoys me and makes me avoid the low-price devices that these companies produce because, as I said, it is bad if we compare them with the devices produced by Xiaomi.

this company appeared in 2010 and is now competing with the strongest companies in the field of smart phone manufacturing. What made Xiaomi achieve this success is that it takes into account the needs of the user, and does not view it as a pile of dollars only.

Xiaomi offers in all of its phones value for money, especially if we talk about the middle class for smartphones, it does a good job, as it produces phones with the latest technological developments and the best example of this is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

This phone is only sold for 169 dollars and it contains all the things in the phones with 700 dollars or more, it has 4 cameras in the back that support advanced technologies, and is covered with Gorilla Glass 5, it has an excellent processor and 4 GB of RAM which makes it good for smooth running games.

It has a large screen with FHD + quality, its battery lasts long and supports 18W fast charging. Here are some things to think about buying this Xiaomi phone:

  1. it has a camera to shoot very small objects.
  2. It has a camera to take wide-angle photos.
  3. Supports video shooting at different speeds and supports recording quality 4k
  4. slow motion supported up to 260 frames per second.
  5. Its cameras are backed by artificial intelligence to make the photo look better.
  6. Capable of taking 48 pixel photos to make the details clearer.
  7. elctronic video stabilization integred , which is excellent for removing vibrations when recording.
  8. high-quality sound when playing music, and the volume is loud.
  9. Covered with glass from front and back, it is luxurious.
  10. It has an excellent processor in its price category from Snapdragon and has 64 GB storage.

I think it is difficult now to find a smartphone that performs better than Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 for 200 dollars, it belongs to the category of phones that do not exceed 170 dollars, take it and enjoy the high quality of Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Global Version 4+64GB Neptune Blue EU



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