5$ OFF ! Gocomma MC48 USB Charger – Security Camera

5$ OFF ! Gocomma MC48 USB Charger – Security Camera

Seems we will never stop wondering what else can come our way from the Chinese tech companies. And know what’s more interesting, new, innovative, and quite useful products come not only from top manufacturers but rookies and small ones as well. Recently, GearBest has begun promoting a new (at least, to us) and an unknown brand go, comma. Looking through its products list, we found too many interesting devices and accessories. But we fell in love with the one that we are going to talk about. And seems, this device will make us pay more attention to this brand. Well, have you ever thought that a power supply (a charging head, call it however you want) can also protect you? If not, here is the Gocomma MC48, which is a socket plug, coming with WiFi support and a security camera that can record videos of 1080P resolution. It is currently offered at $24.99. Thus, for a song, you will acquire a charging head, which will send you notifications and videos/photos of what’s happening in your house.

Actually, there are not many things we can talk about. The Gocomma MC48 can serve you as a real USB charger with an output power of 5V2A. But at the same time, it will record everything happening in the room. There are three recording modes: it will display real-time videos on your smartphone through an app, you can remotely control it, and there is an SD card slot supporting up to 32GB storage expansion.

 Thus, it can record videos and save them on the SD cards. Moreover, it supports motion detection. So no need to record the room all the time. It will start the process once anything moves.

However, you have to know once the Gocomma MC48 is plugged, the camera function will start, and it will delete the oldest file on the storage. Of course, it supports night vision.

Gocomma MC48 WiFi Socket Plug 1080P Full HD Security Camera



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