SupRetro: The Pocket Retrogaming Arcade Machine.
Sergio Montana

SupRetro: The Pocket Retrogaming Arcade Machine.

Review of new handheld console.

Let's see on retrogaming portable SupRetro console (short for Super Retro), also known as Powkiddy A19 or Pandora Mini S. It will have caused a buzz at the end of 2019 due to a large emulation capacity but also innovative technical characteristics such as a beautiful IPS screen, wifi or access to an application store, all for a friendly price around 100$.

Impossible for a Retrogaming fan to ignore this product. From pleasure bonuses is that the console accepts joysticks on its mini USB port. All you need is a classic USB 2 to USB adapter Maj 2: it is possible to assign the joysticks (internal, USB and Bluetooth) to different days for a multiplayer mode.


The Supretro console is delivered in a simple two-color cardboard packaging without any reference to the names Supretro, A19 or Pandora Game Mini on the packaging. The box contains only the console and a Micro USB cable for charging. A 32 GB Micro SD card is already inserted in the machine.

Available in white, yellow or blue, the Retrogaming SupRetro portable game console is made of fairly ordinary plastic. Thicker material would have limited light leakage in the dark.

This new console follows the genre codes. Its general look is somewhat reminiscent of Nintendo Gameboy consoles with use in vertical mode.
The Pandora Mini S is a mid-size model (14.10 x 8.80 x 1.90 cm). It is quite light (190 grams) and well balanced in the hand.
In front the console offers a large 3.5 inch IPS screen. It is of very good quality with an excellent density of pixels considering the resolution 640 * 480px. It is also very readable and bright.

Level controls, there is a small analog joystick with a digital D-PAD below. 

Six superficially branded ABCDXY game buttons are present. To be perfect, the Supretro Powkiddy A19 could have offered two additional shoulder buttons on the sides. In the absence of these keys, certain Dreamcast games for example cannot be used except to map the missing keys to the existing ones or use an external controller.

Then there is a Home, Start and Select button to launch a game and add credits.

On the left side of the box are the on button surmounted by an LED indicator and on the right side the volume controls.

The connection is located at the top with a micro USB port for charging, a Micro SD card reader protected by a plastic cover, a 3.5 mm headphone output and finally the micro HDMI video jack.


Once powered up, a Pandora Game Mini logo appears and the system launches. Allow approximately 40 seconds. 

According to the technical data sheets, the Pandora Mini S portable arcade console is powered by a Cortex A7 quad-core Soc clocked at 1.3GHZ. The RAM would be 512 MB and that of 4 GB storage to which is added the 32 GB Micro SD memory card, the only certainty.
The launcher (user interface) is not a regular Android desktop. This is software dedicated to games that completely hides the system . This interface is called Pandora Game Mini . 

The Pandora Game Mini interface consists of several title selection lists broken down by tab on the left. Each line bears the title of a game which is accompanied by an icon which symbolizes the emulated console and the type of games .

Via this game browser, it is possible to navigate the list by type of console emulator or to search directly for a title. You also have access to a list of the last games played. The operation of the Pandora Game Mini interface is relatively ergonomic without comparison with the basic browser found on other Retrogaming consoles such as the RAGEBEE or AIWO G1000.

A long press on the Menu key brings up the configuration interface.

About emulators

Emulation ARCADE MAME, FBA, Mega Drive, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, PSP, Playstation 1 and Dreamcast, this is the promise of the SupRetro Pandora Mini.

Promise kept largely. It is not perfect because you have to accept certain limits related to the emulator and the performance of the machine that operates it.

2D type games are perfectly fluid and their speed is well controlled. The graphics quality is good on the small screen. 3D emulation depends on the emulator / console chosen.

• PSP games are perfectly emulated, fluid and without tearing or other effect.
• The PSX emulation is efficient. There is no feeling of slowdown or display bug.
• That of the Dreamcast is not yet perfect but promising. Depending on the title there may be a few frame jumps or a general slowdown but you may find the thrills of your console of yesteryear.
• Unfortunately, N64 emulation is limited. There are big slowdowns with the audio getting chopped. Some games, in the least resource intensive, remain playable.

The balance of the emulation of the SupRetro console is not perfect but is nonetheless good. The Pandora Game interface manages to hide the complexity of the emulators used and it is amazing to see such a small machine with the electronics of a Low cost smartphone capable of running what required 25 years ago a complete machine with CDs like Dreamcast or PSX.

Once in a game, you can make a backup at any time via a memory dump. The autonomy is around 4 to 6 hours.

The Pandora Game Mini console allows multiple players to play. Each USB or Bluetooth joystick can indeed be assigned to a player.

In addition to an external controller, the mini console also accepts to be connected to a TV for a “living room console” experience. A Micro Hdmi cable or adapter not included.

Other features

The SupRetro Powkiddy A19 Pandora Game Mini is sold with around 2000 games on the Micro SD card. The console is able to automatically add the missing games to you! There is indeed a “Store” connected to the Internet which allows you to consult the “TOP Games” of the moment, browse by category of titles or type of competition or even search for a title by name in whole or in part. No need to surf on questionable sites to recover a new game in the ROM and to make it work.

There is also a way to add games manually to the Pandora Game Mini . This works for 3D games, which is of most interest as they are often large in size. You need place the files with their compatible extension in the Download directory located under the Games directory on the memory card.

Compatible extensions are
• ".CDI" For the Dreamcast
• ".N64" for Nintendo
• ".IMG" for PSX
• ".ISO" for PSP.


The new small console SupRetro Pandora Mini S is not yet perfect emulation level but it has many advantages at this price level in the world of Retrogaming. The plastic and assembly are average but it makes up for the hardware and possibilities (Bluetooth, HDMI, SOC 4 cores, good battery).

The price of this new console is 99$ on Gearbest.

Supretro 3.5 inch IPS HD Screen Android Handheld Game Console Bluetooth WiFi Download Games Online



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