The Main Xiaomi Budget Smartphone.
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The Main Xiaomi Budget Smartphone.

Pros and Cons of a Redmi 7A smartphone.

Today we will talk about the inexpensive device Redmi 7A, an even more budget version of Redmi. The novelty costs quite a bit cheaper than the older brother. Is the savings justified?

Three Pros

Appearance. Xiaomi has learned Zen and can now do beautifully. At one time, we really liked the look of the Redmi 7 model. The cover of the novelty as a whole repeats the similar design of the older brother. The same blue gradients look a bit poorer, but not critical.

There is a more traditional color. For some reason, the black matte panel reminds of classic Nokia smartphones. Very pleasant to the touch texture, which is also not as susceptible to fingerprints as a glossy surface.

In addition to colors, there is nothing remarkable in the appearance of Redmi 7A. A typical inexpensive device with a relatively small (5.5 inches) elongated HD-display, but with wide frames and indentation above and below.

Pleasant trifles. Strange, but yes - the SIM card tray is notable for two things. Firstly, it is triple. This option is not uncommon, but it's good that it is on a budget phone. There are two places for “sims” of the nano format, as well as a separate slot for a memory card.

The second "trick" is moisture protection. The tray is neatly covered with an elastic band, which means it is protected from water. But here it is important to emphasize that the manufacturer does not position Redmi 7A as a waterproof phone, it says only about protection against splashes. So in the rain you can safely use your smartphone, but diving with it is nowhere worth it.

In addition, the device boasts the presence of a radio that works without a headset. In the city center, the telephone easily finds radio stations, but the reception quality is average. But in any case, you can connect a wireless headset, and the situation will be corrected.

Autonomy. The older model has a 4000 mAh battery, Redmi 7A is no exception. The processor here is a little less voracious, which is why the phone runs on a single charge a little longer. About 50% of the battery was consumed during the test day. With less intensive use, you can stretch for three days! But it’s better to count on two.

It is gratifying that, despite the budget nature of the smartphone, a quick charger is in the box.


Performance. Perhaps we expect too much, but you expect something more from the relatively new 8-core Snapdragon 439 processor. Yes, and Xiaomi is able to delight fans with the power of its even low-cost solutions. But, you need to understand that the Snapdragon 439 is a cost-effective solution, and not too fast.

Forget about cool modern games, Redmi 7A is made only for the simplest casuals. Not the last role in this is played by only 2 GB of RAM. Although the same Redmi Go running Android Go and with 1 GB of RAM works much faster and smoother. Another proof that software often solves. Redmi 7A would not hurt Android Go either.

Camera. The main camera is one - with a 12-megapixel Sony IMX486 sensor. She shoots for the budget segment well. Another question is that it was also used in last year's Redmi 6, which now costs less than Redmi 7A. I would like to see something better compared to the public sector in 2018, but in the end we got the same. But if you do not focus on this, we get quite decent pictures. You can get great macro photos, and the loss of detail will be noticeable only when the image is enlarged. Video is shot in Full HD at 30 fps.

The developers did not bother and left the phone Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and microUSB. This will not prevent you from using a smartphone, however, the convenience of such work will be slightly less compared to more expensive devices equipped with modern interfaces and communication modules.

Two arguments against

Unlock Alas, compared to Redmi 7, 7A lost one of the most familiar attributes of any modern smartphone. Like Redmi Go, it is not equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

Face unlock available. However, it does not shine with accuracy or speed. It remains either a digital code, or you can leave everything as it is and, if there is nothing to hide, just do not use the advanced unlocking. They picked up the phone, swiped up - it's done.

Competition. Redmi 7A has a huge number of competitors, which to some extent reduces the interest in the new product. As is often the case with Xiaomi, first of all, the company competes with itself.

Since the release, Redmi 7 has significantly fallen in price. Redmi 7 with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory costs a little more than Redmi 7A. At the same time, we have in all respects a more attractive smartphone, ranging from design and significantly higher performance, to photo capabilities and fingerprinting.

Moreover, Redmi 7 with 2/16 GB of memory is even cheaper than Redmi 7A. Yes, the drive is smaller, but it can be compensated by a memory card. Otherwise, there are no advantages to the budget version of Redmi 7.

Traditionally, the main competitors are not far behind. Huawei, for example, has the Y6 model year 2019, while Honor has 8A. The characteristics of both models are close to Redmi 7A, but there is fingerprinting, a large display and almost the same price. Is that less battery power.

Samsung is ready to fight with the Galaxy A10. According to the specifications - almost a copy of Redmi 7A, but with a large display.


Redmi 7A is a smartphone that you can use and not know big problems. Perhaps we just want a lot from the state employee? However, you need to understand that the phone costs $79. At the same time, you get good battery life, a proven camera, splash protection and an additional slot for a memory card, as well as a nice design!

Xiaomi Redmi 7A 5.45 inch 4G Smartphone Global Version



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