Meizu HD70 Wireless Headphones will bring upgraded audio quality & ANC features
Kernani Halim

Meizu HD70 Wireless Headphones will bring upgraded audio quality & ANC features

The Chinese brand Meizu is earning headlines these days. Only three days to go when the brand will launch the Meizu 17 smartphone on May 8. Now, we also have come to learn that the brand is coming with the wireless headphones, dubbed Meizu HD70.

Features of Meizu HD70 Wireless Headphones:

A few days ago, Meizu announced officially on the Weibo account that it will introduce the wireless headphones on the same day. It is aimed to provide exceptional sound experience along with upgraded Active Noise Cancellation system.

Around 5 years back in November 2015, Phantom released its first-ever wireless headphone device, named HD50. It was then priced at 399 Yuan. As per the previous assumptions, we can suppose the upcoming equipment to be launched as Meizu HD70. Netizens can guess the details, and Phantom shows full confidence in the headset’s outputs following the official description.

If we filter the last few years, we found that warless and noise cancellation products have recorded new heights in sales. Enthusiasts show a profound interest in these wireless gadgets, especially fitness and sports lovers.

When it comes to the new Meizu HD70 wireless headphones, it will surely adopt enhanced technologies in noise cancellation. Further, we can also expect the device to acquire more terminologies to consolidate wireless connectivity.

As per the price figure, the Chinese firm Meizu always retains the policy of a magnificent and balanced performance-price ratio. It prioritizes quality services at affordable prices to grasp maximum customer satisfaction.

Keeping in mind the price factors of the previous headsets, Meizu’s upcoming wireless system may probably range between 500 and 600 Yuan. The earlier devices were priced at 399 Yuan and 499 Yuan, respectively. Well, it is only a few days more to get to know the mysteries hidden altogether.

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