360 D819: Smart Face Recognition Doorbell.
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360 D819: Smart Face Recognition Doorbell.

If you decide to make your home more secure and smart, then you should pay attention to Chinese devices. The doorbell called 360 D819 is a smart device with many useful features, and even support for artificial intelligence.

The doorbell is equipped with a 162-degree wide-angle camera, high-quality Full HD picture and night vision. The device also has built-in face recognition technology and protection against water according to the IP67 standard. And this is not even a complete list of features!


The new doorbell comes in a small white box. In front we see an image of a doorbell, and below it is the name of the device. On the back, the main characteristics of the new gadget are indicated.

Inside the box, everything is packed very carefully and reliably. Here we see not only a smart bell, but also an internal receiver, a USB cable, a door mount, a user manual and stickers.


The doorbell 360 D819 is a fairly compact device. Its dimensions are 15.10 x 6.10 x 3.20 cm and its weight is 217 grams. The bell fits in one hand. It is also lightweight, so it is securely attached to a wall or door.

The bell is made of black and white plastic.

On the front of the device is a large round call button. Around the button is a ring of LED backlighting, which changes color depending on the battery charge, call, the presence of someone in front of the door, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

Above the button we see the 360 company logo.

A camera with a wide viewing angle of 162 degrees is installed in the upper half of the front panel. Thanks to the wide overview, the owner of the apartment can see those located on the sides of the doorbell.

On the back there is a small power button and a microUSB port for charging the doorbell.

Now let's look at the internal receiver. This is a small oval-shaped device with two antennas on each side. It is made of matte white plastic. The receiver is slightly smaller in size than the call itself.

Before starting work, it must be connected to a power outlet. The distance should not exceed 10 meters from the doorbell.

The internal receiver is a speaker that informs you of guests if you have not connected your smartphone to the doorbell. It also performs many other useful functions, but we will talk about them a little later.

On the right and left panels of the receiver we see two rather long antennas for good communication. Also on the right side is the “set” settings button and a microSD card slot.


The doorbell of the 360 D819 has a 2.1 megapixel CMOS camera. It has an aperture of F / 2.4 and is capable of shooting video in Full HD resolution of 1080p pixels.

One of the main features of the new 360 D819 smart call is its support for built-in motion detection and face recognition technology. The device uses artificial intelligence to detect. The camera also recognizes family members, friends or relatives.

360 D819 is equipped with built-in heavy duty IR LEDs. They provide good visibility in low light or at night. Now, even in the dark, you can be calm for the safety of your home. Despite the fact that the picture is black and white, you can still see the person who is standing at your door.

The 360 D819 enclosure is protected against moisture and dust according to IP67. This means that you can place a smart call not only in the entrance, but also on the street. Wet weather or even rain is not a problem for him.

As you already understood, the 360 D819 smart call works wirelessly. It has a built-in 5000 mAh battery. The manufacturer promises about 6 months of work on a single charge.

The ring around the call button tells you about low battery. You can also monitor the battery charge through the app.

To charge the doorbell, it must be removed from the door mount and connected to the network using a USB cable. A full charge takes about 3 hours.


Installing a smart doorbell takes just a couple of minutes. First you need to fasten the fastener to the door, which is supplied. The fastening is screwed with a few screws.

The outer part of the mount is covered with tape, which clings to the doorbell. Press the bell against the sticky surface and hold for several seconds so that it sticks securely. Done! Everything is very simple and fast.

Connecting to a smartphone is as easy as installing a doorbell.

First you need to download the application called "360". It is available in both the Apple App Store and Google.

Then open the application, and in the "Connections" section, find the 360 D819. Connect to the doorbell via a Wi-Fi network and it is ready to use. The application is available in English.

To connect the receiver, you must connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Then press and hold the “set” button on the side panel until you hear a beep.
That's all! Now you can get the image from the camera in real time, regardless of how far the smartphone is from the house and the doorbell. The main thing is that your smartphone has access to the Internet.

In the application, you can select the doorbell volume, type of bell and give access to family members so that they can also use the doorbell and control it.


Now let's talk about the internal receiver. It performs several functions:

Firstly, the receiver acts as a speaker and notifies the user of the call. This is convenient if the smartphone is not connected to the doorbell, or for some reason the mobile device is turned off. You can also answer the call using the built-in microphone in the receiver.

Secondly, it serves as a link between a smart call and a Wi-Fi router. It provides a stable and reliable connection between devices. As you may have noticed, the receiver has antennas on the side panels. For optimal operation, the distance between the receiver and the WIFI module should be no more than 10 meters.

Thirdly, the receiver is a repository, since it has a slot for a memory card. You can choose in the settings that the smart call records video on the receiver’s memory card. The 360 D819 also has access to free cloud storage. The camera automatically records video for 5 seconds from each call. They are stored for 24 hours.


The 360 D819 smart bell will be an excellent device complementing the smart home system or replacing the usual bell and / or peephole if you do not want to wire or cut a peephole into the door leaf. A nice price will leave no doubt for buying this smart device on Gearbest.

360 D819 AI Face Recognition WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Motion Detection Infrared Night Vision Violent Demolition Alarm Global Version



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