PS5 Controller Patent Unveiled: A Brand New Haptic Feedback System for More Realistic Feel
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PS5 Controller Patent Unveiled: A Brand New Haptic Feedback System for More Realistic Feel

The news about PlayStation 5 came out again on Jan. 20. As we can find in the Patentscope database, Sony announced a patent description of the “Information Processing Device and Control Method of Controller Device, introducing the brand new adaptive trigger and a “tactile stimulation” tech for more realistic haptic feedback.

Patent description

Drawing in the patent description that explains how the device works

According to the description, the haptic feedback of PlayStation 5 will be updated. The PS5 controller will be incorporated with adaptive triggers for programming the resistance. The handle will include haptic motors to deliver unique tactile feedback for a real-life touch experience. The feedback on the left and right is different. The triggers are to stimulate actions instantly, and they feel different as you press. 

Application scenarios in the patent description
According to the new features of the PS5 controller, up to 59 application scenarios are conceived. 
Let’s take a look at several examples. As you rotate the throttle when riding a motorbike in a game, you can feel the engine spins faster. When you use an electric saw, you feel the differences when it is idling, inclined, etc. One thing is for sure - the patent will significantly improve the user experience of PS5 controller.

Honestly, when comparing the Xbox One controller and PS4 controller, we can see the importance of haptic feedback. Xbox One delivers better tactile experience because of the adjustable vibration intensity and rumbling triggers, which means more advantages. 

As for the use of firearms and driving vehicles, the haptic feedback given by the triggers of the Xbox One controller is so realistic that you can’t tell the difference from that in a real-life scenario. 

We can conclude from this patent that Sony begins to think highly of the haptic feedback of the controller, using the vibration of triggers, haptic feedback to make up for the weakness of the PS4 controller

There is no denying that the gaming experience delivered by PlayStation is worth expecting.

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