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The package arrived today 30.10, in perfect conditions, without defects. At first glance it looks like a low-cost toy, that is until you start to unpack the small box in which the headphones are housed.

The instructions in Chinese didn't help me at all, but the connection is easy, you have to keep pressing on the headset for 5 seconds until that white LED lights up, you have to do both, then connected to Bluetooth and you have some players who at this price are beyond my expectations.

They sound good, the bass is grandfather, I have not yet tested the battery but, remember that it came charged 70%, enough to be tested at maximum level 2 hours or even 3.

Even if it did not come with a charging cable, what what disappoints me a little, I am pleased and delighted by the speed, the fairness of the seller. I recommend with confidence. Thanks to Gearbest and the seller for their seriousness.

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Original Xiaomi Redmi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Headset CN Version

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