Tv Box Alfawise A8 Review
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Tv Box Alfawise A8 Review

Currently, connected televisions have become a trend, many households have them to enjoy high quality streams, and on demand for the whole family. Maybe you have a flat screen TV? Why not take the opportunity to enjoy HD TV channels or the films offered by Netflix?
To do this, you will need a connected TV box if you do not have a Smart TV, and you will find many on the market. Among the best models is Alfawise A8. We tested it to find out more about its features, and we present them to you in this article, you will be able to judge if it meets your expectations. This box is available at Gearbest.

Alfawise A8 NEO Android 9.0 4K TV Box Quad Core CPU




The box arrives in a well-sealed box with all the necessary accessories, including the remote control, the power supply and the HDMI cable. Firstly, it is one of the few TV boxes that already work with the latest Android 8.1 Oreo version.
It is powered by a Rockchip 3229 processor, with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. Alfawise A8 has good graphics quality supported by a Mali-GPU 400 MP chip. In addition, it supports 4K files and can decode the complex H265 format. The box has a WiFi connection of 802.11 b / g / n.

The main purpose of Android boxes is to allow the viewer to use their TV as a smartphone. Indeed, by connecting the box to the TV, the latter becomes connected and it displays an interface resembling a mobile device running Android. But the main thing is his performance and his memory.
For Alfawise, the memory is sufficient with 16 GB of storage space, knowing that a classic application does not even take 1 GB. On the other hand, if you want to download movies or games, that is enough and over time time, you may even need a micro SD card to expand memory up to 32 GB.


All the devices necessary for the connectors are delivered in the box; remote control, HDMI cable, power supply. First, the remote control, which has a slightly too classic aesthetic for our taste, has all the useful buttons to be able to control the box remotely.
Fortunately, we were satisfied with its responsiveness and its long reach. The HDMI cable is long enough that you can install the box freely, but not too far from your TV. We find on the back of the case an RJ45 port, the port for the HDMI cable, and two outputs, the first for analog audio and the second for digital audio (SPDIF), finally, there is the key port USB.

Alfawise A8 - Software 

This TV box works with the Android 8.1 system called Oreo, the latest version of Android to date. This box is one of the few boxes to work with this system.
Indeed, we do not really manage to make the nuance between Android box and Android TV. Indeed, Alfawise has been adapted by the manufacturer to offer an interface and features resembling Android TV. However, the menu is faithful to that of Android TV. This is what we will see in the interface.


It is clear and easy to grasp. Indeed, as said above, we have the same interface as on Android TV. The experience is perfect, because we immediately appreciate the responsiveness of the box and the fluidity of its interface.
The latter is customizable. Since you can download apps, you can create a shortcut for the ones you use most often. So rearrange your home screen so that you feel comfortable using it.

Alfawise A8 - Performance

If we talk about the remote control, it is very reactive. The moment you touch the button, the screen reacts without latency. However, we encountered a small bug at one point, but it didn't last more than 2 seconds.
So, if you are very demanding on this point, this bug could bother you, but this is not the case, you will not even notice it. The remote control beeps when you press one of the buttons, which is not very practical if you use it at night when you have a baby sleeping next to it.
The remote doesn't have PLAY or STOP or PAUSE buttons, so for new users, it's frustrating enough to see live or replay streaming.

This box already integrates the RKMC reader. It’s the famous high-performance media player, also called Kodi. Indeed, when you watch a movie over Ethernet, more recommended than the Wifi connection, you will need a compatible player, and above all a high-quality one to be able to keep the original quality of the videos you are watching.
Alfwise A8 already integrates Kodi into its system. Reading does not present any particular concern, however, you must have a high enough Internet speed to enjoy maximum streaming without problems.

Image quality

The quality of the image depends on the file read. We tested the box with a 4K file and the quality is optimal, no grain disturbs you. But with a smaller file, we have an average quality, which is not bad either. This Android box supports various image file formats. What is certain is that the disappointment is not there!

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