360 C50 Review.
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360 C50 Review.

Intelligent vacuum robot cleaner.

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The pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster, the time to enjoy at home is getting less and less, and there is a time to do housework in a limited time, which is always a headache.

In order to free everyone from the repetitive daily chores, the current technology companies have launched a lot of products, such as sweeping robots, cooking robots, dishwashing robots and so on. Today we will talk about a 360 C50 floor sweeping robot that allows you to clean and sweep the floor.

In the box

The outer packaging is a primary color corrugated cardboard box.

Inside the box you can find sweeping robot, cleaning tools, remote control, batteries, charging dock, power cord, mopping water tank, dust box are installed on the machine.


The top panel of the product is designed with lacquer shiny surface, which is very beautiful, but it may become a fingerprint and dust collector in the future. The side has the matt design scheme, which is very harmonious in the whole and very attractive.

Most of the robot's weapons are hidden on the back, let's take a closer look.

The main design of C50 are double-sided elastic brush, universal wheel, anti-fall detector. The drive wheels with large particles on the surface are equipped with a suspension system that can easily pass through obstacles.

Bilateral brushes are responsible for collecting dust, paper scraps and other debris. A double-sided brush is much better than a single-sided brush for collecting dirt.

The elastic brush is attached to the ground to draw dust and debris into the suction port.

All debris are swepted into the dust box.

Open the upper cover to see that the dust collecting box has a large space, which can store a lot of garbage, reducing the number of garbage dumping. There are two layers of filters in the dust box to prevent the debris in the dust box from being exposed, resulting in secondary pollution.

The model has also 300ML super large capacity mopping water tank.

There is a water filling opening at the top, which is made of rubber and has a good seal.

The water tank has the metal contacts in the middle to identify the the mopping water tank, so this location must not get wet.

The bottom is the mop holder and mop. The rag is fixed by self-adhesive and hanging buckle. Even if the mopping work is repeated, there is no need to worry about the rag lifting and falling off.


To use the application make the following steps:

1. Scan the QR code
2. Install 360Robot
3. Make registration and login APP
4. After registering the account, click "+" to add the device

After turning on the phone, if it is an Apple mobile phone user, turn on the positioning first, and simultaneously press and hold the button on the cover for 8 seconds or the WiFi button on the remote control for 3 seconds, hear the voice prompt and enter the network distribution mode. At this time, above the recharge button, you can see that the CLEAN button indicator on the cover turns into blue flashing quickly.

Enter the password of the WiFi account (WiFi name App will be automatically obtained).

If it is an Android phone, you can directly connect to the device, and after successful, you can directly modify the name of the sweeper to use.

If it is an Apple phone, you need to go to "Settings"-"Wireless LAN" to connect the WiFi hotspot of the sweeper, and then return to the "360 Robot" App after successful connection.

In use

Let's take a look at the effect of the cleaning robot in actual work.

Because of the slim body, you can enter many places that are not suitable for cleaning (under the bed, under the sofa, under the kitchen cabinet...), plus super storage and suction, amazing cleaning effect will appear.

The large particle debris cleaning test is also quite perfect, and rice, soybeans, and peanuts can be well collected in the box.

Enter the 360Robot app, you can see the machine's power, status and start cleaning button. Generally, click the start cleaning button to start work.

The sweeping robot has eight cleaning modes and four power suction levels.

• Full house cleaning
• Edge cleaning
• Area cleaning
• Focus on cleaning
• Regular cleaning
• One-click cleaning
• Remote control cleaning
• Electronically controlled wet mopping

Also it has remote control for easy operating by children and old people. And supports Amazon Alexa and Google assistant voice control.


The C50 sweeping robot due to a 2600mAh battery capacity, provides long battery life, and with a 2600Pa Nidec brushless motor, the cleaning effect is really great.

The simple and stylish appearance, many functions, meet the requirements of the family, and the cleaning effect can be comparable to the traditional big-sweeping robots. 

360 C50 Intelligent Vacuum Robot Cleaner



360 C50 Intelligent Vacuum Robot Cleaner



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