This Touchscreen Electric Toothbrush from Xiaomi Mi Crowdfunding Totally Changed My Wrong Tooth Brushing Habits Over 20 Years
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This Touchscreen Electric Toothbrush from Xiaomi Mi Crowdfunding Totally Changed My Wrong Tooth Brushing Habits Over 20 Years

Every time I walk into the bathroom, I feel better when I see this touchscreen electric toothbrush. It looks professional and works safely.

No matter in terms of performance or details, it is comparable with toothbrushes from well-known brands.

The brand name of this toothbrush is Oclean. This Oclean X electric toothbrush has been funded through Xiaomi Mi Crowdfunding and has achieved excellent results.

It is different from other electric toothbrushes because of the introduction of the touchscreen. 

Press the switch, and the screen will light up.

The main interface displays time and date.

After downloading the APP and bounding the toothbrush, the display will show the weather and other options. 

All operations can be achieved by swiping the screen with your finger.

For example, swipe the main interface to the left to brush your teeth, or scroll up the main interface and enter the toothbrush menu.

On the menu, you can view and modify brushing time, brushing intensity, brushing mode, area change reminder, and other functions.

You can choose: 

Tooth brushing for 2 minutes, 2 minutes and a half, 3 minutes

Intensity level from 1 to 32;

Brushing modes include cleaning, whitening, and massage.

The toothbrush pauses slightly every 30 seconds, reminding you to change the place to brush, and you can turn off the reminder in the settings anytime.

If you accidentally press the switch key without the toothpaste on the toothbrush, press the switch again, and it will stop. The screen will show, "The brushing is invalid this time." It is very thoughtful.

Improve Your Tooth Brushing with the APP

Intelligent matching toothbrushing scheme. Once you finish, it will rate your brushing.

The home page of the APP will display a lot of information. Each time you brush your teeth, it will give you a score.

Click on the program, and you will find a total of 20 brushing options, such as super bright white, gingival massage, pregnant women care, etc.

In the lower-left corner, there is a "recommended scheme," which requires you to choose your gender, age, dental type, personal habits, tooth whitening level to figure out which program is suitable for you.

It recommends me to use "bright white with medium intensity."

I squeezed the toothpaste, pressed the switch, and brushed from the outside of my teeth on the left according to the steps in the plan.

When brushing the teeth outside, the strength was set at level 3, and the brushing was very gentle.

When I was brushing the inside, the level was 24, the vibration became stronger, but I didn't feel uncomfortable then.

During the last 30 seconds, the intensity was level 32, although the vibration was quite strong, I could still accept it.

And of course, you also customize your toothbrushing program. You can freely choose the scheme, steps, duration, mode, and intensity level. After brushing, your score will appear on the screen of the toothbrush.

The toothbrush has a built-in six-axis gyroscope, which can divide the teeth into eight areas and intelligently detect the blind areas.

Therefore, the report includes the brushing pressure, the amplitude of swing of the brush head, as well as the coverage area. All are clear at a glance, including what parts and how long you brush as well as the parts that you forget. 

According to Oclean, most people brush their teeth on the left very hard outside, ignoring the inside and the right part.

When brushing the teeth, you should also pay attention to these areas.

After using it to brush my teeth, I think it's necessary to have an electric toothbrush.

Generally, experts recommend brushing the teeth for two minutes each time. However, people only do a few strokes back and forth in the mouth.

If you use an electric toothbrush, you will feel as if someone is monitoring you. Hence, you will brush your teeth properly.

The little toothbrush is a product of high technology. Compared with big brands, it's not inferior at all.

First of all, you'll be impressed with the touchscreen as you swipe it.

There are 32 levels of intensity. If you swipe or scroll from the middle of the screen, you can adjust the intensity level precisely.

You can also swipe the screen, and increase/decrease five levels at a time.

Confirm by long pressing on the bottom edge of the screen.

The toothbrush uses a magnetic levitated brushless motor for 40,000 revolutions per minute and a torque of up to 220

Note: The higher the torque, the better the performance of the toothbrush motor.

Therefore, in coordination with the bristles, it can take away stains on the teeth and residue in between

Furthermore, it has a smart voltage and frequency reduction function.

When brushing your teeth, if the brush is applied too hard on your teeth, the motor will reduce the speed automatically, protecting the enamel and gums.

The 3D brush head fits the teeth well. It can reach deep inside the gap of teeth for deep cleaning.

The top of each bristle has gone through a rigorous rounding process, to avoid any damage to your teeth. Now, you probably recall the toothbrushes in some hotels which are too hard, thus, difficult to use. It's because they haven't been rounded, harming teeth and gums.

It adopts the newly design DuPont bristles, which feature excellent resilience. They can effectively clean the teeth. Thanks to the German copper-free flocking process, the density of the bristles is high. The denser the bristles, the better the cleaning effect will be.

Portable, waterproof design, fast charging

And also a magnetic suspension toothbrush holder to prevent mildew

The whole toothbrush only weighs 99 grams, which is light as you can feel it while holding it in hand.

Because the toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof, after brushing teeth, you can directly wash it with running water.

It comes with two accessories, namely, the magnetic holder and the plate.

There is 3M tape on the back of the plate, which can be stuck to a smooth and flat wall.

You can hang the toothbrush to prevent mildew by using the magnetic toothbrush holder.

The magnetic toothbrush holder can be taken off, placed on the table, and plugged in for charging.

You can brush twice a day for about 30 days on a full charge.

The bottom of the toothbrush is a gold-plated ring. This design is to accelerate the charging speed. The charging time is only 2 hours, which is much faster than the toothbrushes from some renowned brands - nearly 8 hours.

The Oclean electric toothbrush provides 32 different intensity levels, customized brushing program. This toothbrush is excellent because it not only rates your brushing but also gets charged quickly. What's more, it can be air-dried with the magnetic holder for personal hygiene. 

Such a toothbrush beats toothbrushes from those famous brands hands down.

Oclean X Smart Color Touch Screen Sonic Electric Toothbrush App Control International Version from Xiaomi youpin



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