No More Your Beloved Shirt Dyed by Other Colors in the Laundry! DISHANG A0111 Color Catcher Laundry Tablet
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No More Your Beloved Shirt Dyed by Other Colors in the Laundry! DISHANG A0111 Color Catcher Laundry Tablet

Have you ever been in this situation? 

When your girlfriend was washing clothes, she put her jeans in the washing machine together with your white shirt. It turned out that your favorite white shirt was dyed blue! 

You were so angry, tears in your eyes. It was your favorite shirt that you couldn't buy another one anymore because the size for you was sold out. You were so angry that you wanted to break up with your girlfriend. 

After calming down, you recall that you also forgot such things once in a while, so you forgave her. 

As a matter of fact, you 'can't ignore the problem of color bleeding.

Recently, I've looked up relevant problems on the Internet and found that there is a kind of dye-trapping laundry tablet to solve the problem. The effect is great. 

DISHANG anti-string dyeing and color absorption laundry tablet

Recommendation rate        ★★★★★
Color bleeding resistance rate  ★★★★★
Price loveliness rate           ★★★★     

Okay, what are the pros? 

☞ Danish complex enzyme for 210% better cleaning performance than the standard detergent

☞ Plant fiber to avoid colors from bleeding, so you can mix clothes before washing them

☞ Safe, mild for zero irritation, suitable for washing clothes of expectant mothers and babies


If 'you've got an expectant mother or a baby in the family, you will worry that laundry products will cause harm to their health. Fortunately, this laundry tablet can help you get rid of this trouble. 

With the authoritative SGS certification, it meets the safety standards of the edible. Thus, by using the laundry tablet, you can take care of the health of every family member. 

Thanks to the Danish compound enzyme, the cleaning performance is 3.1 times as powerful as that of the standard detergent. 

Every piece of clothing remains brand new after washing. 

With the use of dye-trapping fiber, you can mix clothes in dark and light colors, saving a lot of trouble.

Additionally, the packaging is in a bright color, looks cozy and refreshing as the Macaron.

User Experience

Every time I wash clothes, I always bear in mind that I must wash the clothes in dark colors and light colors separately. However, due to forgetfulness, my clothes cannot be worn after washing. It costs a fortune! 

After using this laundry tablet, I no longer have to worry about this problem. All kinds of clothes are mixed randomly. Each piece is ultra-clean after taken out. Moreover, it causes no irritation, which is safe for pregnant women to use! The invention is thoughtful!

How To Use?

1. Machine wash: put the DISHANG laundry tablet together with the clothes into the washing machine for regular washing.

2. Hand wash: soak the laundry tablet and clothes together and scrub them directly after 5 to 10 minutes. 

3. If the clothes are particularly dirty, you can rub them with a laundry table at first to remove the stains. 

4. Because the color absorption of each laundry tablet has a threshold, it is recommended that you separate clothes whose color fading is severe or uncertain.

5. For hand wash, please do not soak the clothes whose colors fade with clothes in light colors, because the adsorption is only effective with flowing water. If the water is static, and the tablet cannot absorb colors. 

6. After washing the clothes, hang them out in time to avoid coloring clothes in light colors. 

7. It is forbidden to use the laundry tablet to wash silk, cashmere, wool. Specialized detergents are recommended.

DISHANG A0111 Anti-staining Travel Loaded Portable Laundry Tablet 24pcs



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