A Must-have Ukulele for Beginners: Follow the Light to Learn a Song with ENYAMUSIC Smart U1K Quickly

A Must-have Ukulele for Beginners: Follow the Light to Learn a Song with ENYAMUSIC Smart U1K Quickly

Hello, bros and sises.

Here comes my Wednesday's favorite. 

Maybe you will madly fall in love with it on the weekend.


Let's have a look at today's pick - ENYAMUSIC Smart U1K Ukulele.

Emm...it looks ordinary, right?

But when you long-press the switch to turn it on, magic light chord jumps on the fingerboard.

Connect it with the OKMusician APP, and this ukulele will turn into your music tutor. 

Just follow the light instruction to put your fingers, and you can play a ukulele song at once. Yes, it may be an on-and-off song, but practice makes perfect.

You can download the APP OKMusician from the Google Play Store or scan the APP code on the manual. 

Below are some detailed pictures of the APP. There are some free lessons, popular songs, practical tools, and chord library on the APP.

You can quickly master the chords through the chord library. 

Watch the example picture and do your chord practices, you can choose different levels from Easy, Normal, Hard, and Pro according to your needs. 

When you click on the chord example, you will also hear a corresponding sound of the chord. It's interesting, just like a game.

As you can see from the APP, there are free and premium courses. 

ENYAMUSIC Smart U1K Ukulele provides 30-days premium courses for free. 

If you practice more during the premium days, it is enough to learn how to play the ukulele song.

Okay, that's all for the smart ukulele part.

Next, I will share some problems with you, and I hope you can avoid the problem when you get this smart ukulele.

I was angry at the seller at the first because it's a Ukulele claimed to be smart like a music tutor.

But I didn't find the power switch, so I thought the seller sent me the wrong one. Luckily I reminded of the manual and found it. So, bear in mind to read the user manual before you get started.

The switch is hidden at the side of the bottom fingerboard, the charging port is above the soundhole, just as the picture below:

Besides, something important to note, you better turn off the ukulele if you don't play it. There was a time when I forgot turning off the switch. 

The smart ukulele was out of control. Finally, I brought it to life via pricking the reset hole (located at the bottle fingerboard, near the soundhole).

What I was impressed at is its thoughtful package. It includes a storage bag, tuning clip, sand hammer, adjustment lever, pick, string, shoulder straps, hard cloth, and other accessories. It means that I could save a lot on the accessories.

Now I'm looking forward to playing a ukulele song on my friend's Birthday party. 

ENYAMUSIC Smart U1K Ukulele is a real-time music tutor for beginners. 

Whether you are looking for a ukulele for your children or yourself, this smart ukulele would be a perfect choice. 

If you are a ukulele teacher or an owner of a training room, you shouldn't miss it. I highly recommend this ukulele to you, because you can rent it to your students and recoup the costs soon after a month.

ENYAMUSIC Smart U1K 23 inch Ukulele Full Board



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