[Coupon Included] Teclast F5 Laptop & Tablet 2-in-1 In-depth Review: The Most Worth Buying Surface Go Alternative for Under $350
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[Coupon Included] Teclast F5 Laptop & Tablet 2-in-1 In-depth Review: The Most Worth Buying Surface Go Alternative for Under $350

Are you looking for a good laptop capable of serving you in terms of convenience and compatibility of purpose? Teclast F5 is designed for you. You might have read a couple of things about Teclast F5. 

You are about to be shocked about fantastic things you may not have heard of about Teclast F5 as distinguished from its counterparts. 

Teclast is one of the top-rated high performing, portable, and cheapest 2-in-1 PC from 2018 (its launch) to date for writing. 

In the market sense, other 2-in-1 brands cost up to $600. For example, Lenovo sells the ThinkPad Yoga convertible laptop for around $614 with less quality function according to major reviews. 

Also, Dell XPS 13 is $970; HP EliteBook x360 is $1449, and many more. But with $330 or less, you can have F5, which is far better compared to ThinkPad Yoga 11e said earlier. 

Teclast F5 is a cheap and a quality convertible laptop, and choosing to go for it means getting higher value for your money. 

Introduction to Teclast F5

Teclast F5 is “a Laptop and Tablet” for convenience sake. You can call it a “hybrid laptop.” It is affordable; you can barely wait for a perfect posture before you can use its functions. 

Oh, did I mention that Teclast F5 is also called a 2-in-1 laptop? Oh yeah, it is convertible and can work just the way you’d want your tablet to work while also doing the work of your PC. When you consider performance and design, Teclast F5 is different compared to other PCs.

Teclast F5 laptop: Main features

Teclast F5 has got a lot going for it. It has been likened to Microsoft Surface Go making people have the notion that they are from the same manufacturer. However, this is not meant to mislead anyone. 

In its category, Teclast F5 is perhaps a pioneering laptop (serving 2-in-1) with aside its surprisingly affordable price, its design is good-looking and presentable. 

Teclast F5 has a 360-degree hinge making it collapsible into tablet form. Teclast F5 is portable with 10.79 by 7.4 inches, and its thickness is just 0.47 inch. This is quite smaller when compared to the size of an A4 paper. Considering the thickness, you can comfortably keep it in your bag. 

Teclast F5 is made of aluminum as compared to plastic of which other laptops are made. Despite the material, the weight is just a little higher than 1kg.

F5 has a compacted keyboard with no keys such as Home, Pg Up, or Pg Dn. The good news about this is that the keys do not look cheap while using them. This is also the same for the F5 touchpad. 

Oh, I didn’t mention the stylus pen. You’ve got to try out the amazing stylus pen that comes readily with it. I know what you’re thinking – “writing on your F5 convertible has just being made easy without the keyboard.”

You can either operate by clicking or tapping the touchpad. Of course, mostly, tapping is a great idea. Teclast F5 is unique in that a simultaneous tap with two fingers functions as Right-Click. 

Memory and body features 

Even though it’s cheap, the internal component is standard. F5 has 128Gigabyte of SSD storage and 8 Gigabytes of DDR4 memory. However, if you think 128 GB is too small, Teclast F5 has it made such that you can upgrade the memory capacity, and this sounds cool.

It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adaptors, which are in-built. Coupled with its features is an accelerometer that helps in orientation change detection, and this is a tablet function, not necessarily a laptop’s. 

There is space for the removable panel at the under part of Teclast F5, which gives you access to the SSD. Plus, Window key is in the UEFI and not the drive.

Telecast F5 has a beautiful 11.6-inch HD display screen. Yeah, the HD resolution is 1920 x 1080. Its webcam is 1.0 megapixel located just below the right of the screen.

On the left side of the Teclast F5 are the audio port, microphone port, volume gill, and the power button. Its right side has the HDMI, microSD card port, extra microphone port, USB port serving as the charger connector port as well. 

Teclast F5 has monoblock power supplying 24Watt (12V,2A) to the system. This is far better than other competitors. 

F5 has a fantastic spec because of its fast CPU and the vast space you can upgrade the SSD, too. 


Although Teclast F5 and F5R are from the same manufacturer, F5R maintained some greater functionality than the other only in a few areas. For example, F5R retains 8 GB RAM, which also exists in F5.

Also, F5R doesn’t use a full USB port but a type-C adaptor port. Additionally, Teclast F5 is equipped with a more powerful processor, the Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Quad Core CPU and a superior GPU. Aside from these, there exist no significant differences between F5 and F5R. 

Teclast F5 Laptop: Pros and Cons


Teclast F5 worth more than its value. It has a bright, sharp, and high-resolution screen, an active stylus. Good Intel Gemini lake N4100, 8GB and 128GB SSD (upgradable). It has excellent performance for watching movies, browsing, and also using office apps. 

- The restart time is approximately 50secs
- Updates are installations are faster
- Good speed
- Full-featured Type-C USB (about 2 to 2hrs 30mins quick charge)
- Battery life is quite enough
- Dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 
- System is noiseless
- Cheap and affordable


- F5 cons are quite insignificant to its great functions.
- Battery life may not be sufficient to last more than 3-4hrs on typical usage. 
- Some function keys such as Pg Up, Pg Dn, and Home are absent, but this is not a problem at all.
- The USB port is selective – Teclast uses only USB Type-C. 

Also, there is no keyboard light. So, you may need another source of light to work using the keyboard at night.


You should consider buying a Teclast F5 2-in-1 laptop for its various functions, as explained in this review. Another incredible feature you should look at is the fact that the touchscreen calibration is accurate even when there is a screen protector. 

You should also consider value for your money. Now you can get a quality, durable, and cost-effective portable and fancy 2-in-1 laptop that can stand compete with other brands. 

Teclast F5 laptop is portable, durable, and like “a heavy-duty machine within a small body.” It’s worth value for the money. It’s sold for a great price, has attractive design and upgradable RAM storage, and an optional active stylus.

We’ve got a lot going for you currently on your purchase of Teclast F5. Please use the below information to benefit from our offer on your purchase of a Teclast F5 2-in-1 laptop. 

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Discounted Price: $316.99
Expiry: After 2019-12-31 

Teclast F5 11.6 inch Laptop 360° Rotating Touch Screen Intel N4100 8GB / 256GB



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