Gocomma 11-in-1 Type-C Hub Helps Improve the Performance of My USB-Ports-Lacking Laptop
Emily Yale

Gocomma 11-in-1 Type-C Hub Helps Improve the Performance of My USB-Ports-Lacking Laptop

Nowadays, the latest notebook computers become thinner and thinner. 

But most of them sacrifice many ports and a CD driver for maintaining the lightness and thinness.

I never realized that I would need an expansion hub for the laptop until I bought the Huawei Matebook X Pro notebook. It has only one USB port, meaning that I couldn’t use the wired mouse along with an U-disk. Finally, I bought a wireless mouse to solve the problem. 

However, that’s not all the inconveniences. In the past, I often transferred files between 2 different U-disks with my old DELL laptop, which has 3 USB ports. 

And now when I wanna send the file from one U-disk to the other one, I must plug in one U-disk and drag the file to the desktop and next plug it out, then plug the other U-disk in and move the file into it. 

From such a long sentence, you should know how inconvenient is a laptop with no or only one USB port.

At first, I didn’t know how to deal with it, I loved the full touch screen, and fingerprint unlock design of Matebook X Pro so much, but its lack of USB ports bothers me. I knew less about computer tech. 

Thankfully, my friend Evonne recommended this powerful hub to me. Her Macbook notebook was faced with the same problem before, and her boyfriend helped her get rid of it with the mighty hub (Maybe I need a boyfriend rather than a mini hub? Lol).

Okay. Let’s get back to the laptop expansion hub. Due to my lacking professional tech knowledge, I will just tell you some simple reasons I love it and how it works. You could just go to its page and learn more about that.

The reasons why I recommend Gocomma 11-in-1 Powerful Expansion Hub:

1. My best friend recommends it to me.

2. Complete 11-in-1 hub: 

- 3 USB 3.0 ports. 

It’s an important reason for me, no more slow file transmission. USB 3.0 provides the fastest transmission. I could feel the amazing speed when I use 2 U-disks and one wired mouse.

- SD/TF card slot. 

A great feature for a camera without Bluetooth transmission function.

- Gigabit Ethernet interface. 

Not always a wireless network at our service, so this feature boosts the usage.

- Mini DP (Display Port). 

It will be a plus if you require HD audio transmission (I rarely used it).

- HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). 

The same as the mini DP, used for audio/video transmission.

- VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface. 

The same as the mini DP and HDMI for audio/video transmission (you know more than me, so let’s skip off it).

- Type-C quick charge port. 

My Matebook X Pro has 2 Type-C quick charge ports itself, so this port is not that necessary for me, but it should be helpful for Macbook.

- 3.5mm headphone jack. 

My laptop also keeps this mic port, not an attractive point for me.

3. Slope-designed notebook base. 

I was impressed at its slope design, though the seller didn’t mention that on its ads. With this design, the hub allows the laptop to rest on it with enough venting. You can also enjoy the best watching effect with this base.

4. Thoughtful anti-slip pad. 

It seems not that important, but it means a lot for the slope design, helping to keep your notebook resistant to slipping down.

That’s all. 

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Gocomma 11-in-1 Most Powerful Patented Hub Notebook Base



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