[Coupons Included] This Single-Beam Infrared Detector Under $10 is Not Just a Home Security Sensor But Also a Barrier Gate Strobe Controller
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[Coupons Included] This Single-Beam Infrared Detector Under $10 is Not Just a Home Security Sensor But Also a Barrier Gate Strobe Controller

Why do we need a smart home safety system?

What does a smart home system mean in modern life? It is quick access to help you monitor your home safety. 

Generally, a smart home system includes the smart WiFi gateway, video doorbell, smart switch, smart door lock, door sensor, smoke sensor, gas detector, water detector, IP camera, smart bulb, smart projector, acousto-optic alarm, curtain sensor, wide-angle IR sensor, single-beam IR detector and so on. 

With a smart home system, you can not only stop the burglary or an accident such as fire disaster, kitchen, or bathroom flood but also make your life easier with just a voice command or automatic sensing.

Today we will take a look at the single-beam infrared detector to see its features and how it works in a smart home system. 

What makes this 20m Infrared Detector stand out?

This 20m infrared alarm detector kit contains a transmitter and a receiver. It is an excellent smart home accessory to detect an infrared motion. 

When it detects an infrared motion, the transmitter will send an alarm signal to your primary alarm host(not included in the package). Your mobile phone will receive a notification from the alarm host. 

And you could judge if this infrared motion is accessible, then give the alarm host command to alarm or alarm-canceled. When the receiver receives your command, it will do as you expected. That’s all how this infrared alarm kit works.

Now let us look at the features of this home security kit.

1. High-precision infrared technology

Adopting the advanced infrared technology, this infrared alarm detector gives a high-precision infrared detection, so that you won’t miss any unexpected visitors.

2. Wide application

This single-beam alarm home security kit can be used on not only doors and windows, but also barriers. As you can see from the title, this infrared alarm detector is not just a burgle alarm, as well as a barrier gate. 

It’s a great safety-improved security kit for home, parking lot, access control, shopping malls, and so on.

3. Long warning distance

When this security kit is applied outdoors, its warning distance is 10 meters. It has a long warning distance up to 20 meters when it’s applied indoors. For such a warning distance, you have enough time to deal with a break-in.

4. Support alarm linkage

With a transmitter and receiver, this alarm detector kit also has a loudspeaker. Thus, you can send it an alarm command via your phone.

5. Multiple safety protection

This security kit has a unique digital filter circuit design. It works securely enough with a high-level RFI / EMI resistance. As an outdoor probe, it’s well-built, water-resistant, anti-rain, anti-fog, anti-dust, and anti-worms.

6. Easy to install

This infrared detector kit is wiring-mount, so it’s easy to install. You don’t have to spend too much time on mounting. But bear in mind that when you mount the transmitter and receiver on the sides of doors or windows, making the light beam on the same level between these two parts.


No matter you are a folk who are looking for a home security kit to stop a burglary, or a someone who plans to get an access control barrier in the parking lot, this 20m active infrared alarm detector kit under $10 is absolutely a cost-effective yet great choice for you.

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20m Active Infrared Probe Detector Outdoor IR Alarm Home Safety System



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