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View More I just love this smart plug! It is a nice smart device. I struggled a little until it connected to the native app, which is well made by the way, includes a lot of helps and tips, and supports a lot of types of smart devices.

It says it can connect only on 2.4 GHz WIFI, but I used the second type of connection as the app suggested until the device got registered on my account, then it worked. Then you can connect your "Smart Life" (this is the name of the app and service) account to Google Home for example. You have all the help and description of how to do it in the app and in Google Home app. I used this smart plug to be placed in the kitchen and connected the coffee machine to it.

Then in the evening, I can prepare the machine for the morning to be ready to make the coffee. I have added this smart plug to the Google Home's "Good Morning" routine to turn it on automatically, so when I wake up, I just say "hey google, good morning" while Google Assistant speaks, the coffee machine is starting to work! :-)

And one last thing, the device has very good wifi coverage too. Highly recommend. Looking to purchase more and other types of smart devices from Alfawise brand.

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Alfawise PME1606 EU Standard 16A WiFi Smart Plug

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