The $299.99 Viomi SE is the Most Worth Buying Vacuum Cleaner in 2020: Mop Neatly, Sweep Thoroughly
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The $299.99 Viomi SE is the Most Worth Buying Vacuum Cleaner in 2020: Mop Neatly, Sweep Thoroughly

VIOMI SE is one of the latest robot vacuum cleaners that you can buy now. This vacuum cleaner is ready to help you vacuum, sweep, and mop your floor efficiently. You can save a lot of your time when using this incredible unit. This product comes with many useful features that can be interesting for many users. On this page, we are going to review some features and functions from this reliable vacuum cleaner. You will know why this unit is popular among many customers from all around the world.

VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner 2200Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps 7 An Appointment




This vacuum cleaner is specially designed with ergonomic design, so it can move to all areas of your home freely. Its round shape can increase the flexibility of this unit. Its 2-in-1 water tank can hold the water and dust separately. Its 300 ml water tank and also 200 ml dust box will help you collect all unwanted materials from the floor, such as debris, hair, soil, etc. This device has a unique AI intelligent system that will integrate the AI smart algorithm. This system will allow you to choose manual cleaning or two-way cleaning with high cleaning coverage.

When you look at the inside part of this vacuum cleaner, you are going to find its precision electric water pump for offering precise water control. It is very easy and flexible for you to use this device depending on your needs. There are 12 sets of sensors that are available in this unit. These sensors can be used to help this device avoid any obstacles accurately. Some of these sensors include a dust box sensor, drive wheel speed sensor, 6-axis gyroscope, anti-collision panel sensor, drop-proof sensor, LDS ranging sensor, LDS anti-collision sensor, suspension sensor, recharging sensor, etc. This sensor system is specially created to help this unit move automatically.

At the bottom part of this vacuum cleaner, you are going to find Japanese KOSEN-NBR wear-resistant tires that can increase the performance of this unit. These wear-resistant tires will ensure strong climbing ability from this robot vacuum cleaner. Therefore, this device can go over any 2cm slope obstacles, for example, carpet and threshold. This device will go to all parts of your home uninterruptedly. It can come and go automatically without having to get any problems.

This device also comes with an auto-recharge resumption system. When there is a sudden loss of power during this cleaning process, the robot will recharge automatically. Then, after the recharge process is done, it will continue to complete the sweeping and mopping process immediately. The robot will continue cleaning the unswept area without repeating the cleaning process in the same areas. It will detect any unswept areas without missing places.

VIOMI SE is also equipped with an accurate LDS Mapping Navigation system. This upgraded LDS mapping navigation system can create a stable and accurate map for coping with complex environments. This system will identify the maps of the rooms accurately. It also comes with a global positioning system, so you will never lose this device in the future. It is very easy for you to connect this device with your phone, so you can find this unit at any time you want.

Sweep Review

If you want to sweep all areas of your home, you can consider using this VIOMI SE vacuum cleaner now. It is designed with an upgraded 2200 Pa suction power for a fast sweeping process. It has a Japanese Nidec brushless motor that comes with high power and also reliable performance. The air blower is upgraded to deliver high rotation speed which will reach 15000 rotation per minute. This speed is required to offer high cleaning efficiency for all users. This device will vacuum any dirt, hair, and any other unwanted materials from the floor completely.

Mop Review

It is very easy for you to mop your floor with this robot vacuum cleaner. It has an upgraded precise electronic water pump for supporting your mopping activity. This pump is specially designed to prevent water leakage from the system. This vacuum cleaner also has a 3-level smart water control system. You can choose the right amount of water depending on your needs and your floor types. These water control levels include low, medium, and high. The high water level is required to clean heavy-dirty areas on the floors. The low water level is usually used to mop some sensitive materials, such as a wooden floor.

App Experience

Although you are not at home, you can still clean your home easily. You can remotely control this robot vacuum cleaner via APP for ensuring to have a clean home every day. For example, you can make schedules for cleaning the living room every morning, the kitchen in the afternoon, the whole house at night, etc. You can set up the settings from this robot vacuum cleaner, for example, no go zones, virtual wall, deep sweep modes, sweep specific areas, etc.


This VIOMI SE vacuum cleaner has a powerful Samsung lithium-ion battery which is upgraded with the latest system. The battery has 20% more energy than the previous version. It comes with a 3200 mAh battery capacity which will allow you to mop for up to 120 minutes. Its maximum cleaning area can reach up to 200 square meters. This high capacity battery can help you enjoy the best performance from this VIOMI SE vacuum cleaner. When the battery runs out of energy, this device will come to the recharge station automatically.


Are you looking for the best device for sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your floor easily? You can consider buying VIOMI SE. This device is specially designed to help you sweep thoroughly and mop neatly. During this sale period, you are going to get a huge discount from the seller. Its discounted price is only about $299.99 from its original price which is $459.99. This sale period is only valid from Sept 21 until Oct 4.

VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner 2200Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps 7 An Appointment



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