Top 4 Gears of 2019: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell, Nintendo Switch Lite & GoPro MAX
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Top 4 Gears of 2019: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell, Nintendo Switch Lite & GoPro MAX

The Smart Bracelet of the Year: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 International Version

Since the first Xiaomi Mi Band was launched in 2014, it has become the most popular and best-selling product among wearable devices. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 released in the middle of this year inherits the advantages of its predecessors and brings a certain experience improvement for the consumer. So it is easy to understand why the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is popular.

Compared with the previous generation, the biggest change of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the screen upgrade. Although the band is not a product that is known for its screen display, a larger and clearer screen is valuable when the volume remains constant. Not only does it display more notifications, but it also makes it fun to change the dial on the band. 

Battery endurance has always been the core competitiveness of the Xiaomi Mi Band. The good news is that the screen upgrade has not affected the endurance performance of Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The long endurance for weeks allows it to stay longer on people's wrists.

As always, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is still divided into the standard version (Chinese version) and the international version. In contrast, I prefer the international version, which supports more languages. When you first receive the Chinese version of Mi Band 4, the default language is Chinese. Although you can also set the language to English through the Mi Fit App, the international version is the best choice for those who don't understand Chinese and are not familiar with the operation of the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet ( China Version )



The Smart Home of the Year: Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell

The original Xiaomi smart doorbell product became a dark horse among Mijia's smart homes last year due to its good price. This year's new product has been upgraded to two places. On the one hand, performance has been improved. The lens angle has been increased from 105°to 156°, and the resolution has also been improved to 1080p. In addition, it is equipped with a dedicated new battery, which can be used for 6 months when shooting 20 10-second videos a day. This is not common in the current market.

On the other hand, the doorbell also enhances the smart experience. In addition to the advantages of being able to access Mijia Ecology, the new "Message Reply" function allows users to preset messages, and visitors can also leave a message, making it easier for users to communicate with couriers when they are not at home. In addition to face identification technology, the monitoring distance can be set by users, which can more effectively reduce missed shots and wrong shots from the perspective of respecting neighbors' privacy.

Besides, Xiaomi's patented function "voice change intercom", which started from the first generation, has also been improved this time. In addition to the voice-changing intercom, a guest reminder function has been added. When someone rings the doorbell, the phone will receive special ringtones like phone calls to remind users.

With various useful functions, the smart doorbell brings more security and convenience. It starts from the actual scene of life and brings further upgrades, which can allow smart doorbells to enter more families. And the intimate product also makes people feel the warmth brought by technology.

Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Set



Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Motion Detection SMS Push Intercom(Without indoor speakers)



Xiaomo MDB11 AI Face Identifcation 1080P IR Night Vision WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Motion Detection SMS Push Intercom with Mijia App Control from Xiaomi youpin



The Video Game Console of the Year: Nintendo Switch Lite

Before 2017, game consoles were powerful and bloated. The only way to play a game is to place it in the living room, connected to the TV by a bunch of complicated wires. 

But in March 2017, Nintendo launched a simplified version, Nintendo Switch, which combines a handheld device with a console. In 2019, Nintendo made further simplification and released Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo has removed the detachable ability of the Switch handle, the desktop support on the back, and most importantly the Switch's ability to connect to TVs, projectors, and other devices.

The Switch has three modes, tabletop mode, TV mode, and handheld mode but only the handheld mode is left on Switch Lite.

Although the handle is not removable, the classic ten buttons, longer key travel makes it feel better in your hands, bringing the better gaming experience to players who love handhelds.

Without desktop support, but new colors and a smaller but more elaborate screen provides a better choice for young people with individuality.
From the perspective of a handheld player, the need for "connect to TV" is not so important.

Nintendo Switch Lite is designed as a dedicated handheld device for the player. They may be busy all over the world, but in their spare time, they can still pull out Switch Lite and play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield.

There is no need to connect to a large screen or worry about whether the handle will be forgotten or run out of power. Nintendo Switch Lite just wants you to focus on the game itself and enter the world of the game that is exciting or comfortable.

Portable Camera of the Year: GoPro MAX

Over the past year, Vlog video has become a hot trend on a number of short video platforms. Panoramic videos are also popular for their eye-catching content. In order to have this unique perspective, not only good image quality, excellent image stabilization, integrated shooting experience are required, but also a distinctive panoramic video function. The GoPro MAX panoramic camera released in October this year may be a relatively good choice.

GoPro MAX has almost all the functions of GoPro HERO8, and can also realize 360°panoramic video shooting. With two 180°lenses at the front and rear, it can take 360°photos of 16.6 megapixels. The resolution of a single lens is 5.5 million, which is officially called Max SuperView, with a maximum total field of view of 149°, and is by far the widest among all GoPro devices. In addition, the perspective change is smooth when switching back and forth between panorama mode and HERO mode. In panorama mode, it can generate a 5.6k 30 frame picture.

Besides, it has a very useful function PowerPano, which can take 270°panoramic photos. When taking a panoramic photo with a mobile phone, you need to ensure that it keeps the same horizontal line while moving. But GoPro MAX does not need to move the camera. Just set the countdown and click to shoot and you will get a 6.2-megapixel distortion-free photo. One other point worth mentioning is that it has a built-in horizon correction function that allows you to take photos and videos horizontally, regardless of whether the camera is horizontal. 

Another attraction of GoPro MAX is its good radio capability. It has six directional microphones that can be set differently in 360°mode and HERO mode. If you want a better radio, GoPro MAX can fulfill your demands.

Although GoPro MAX can shoot clear and stable 360°panoramic video, the panoramic video has high requirements for post-editing. Fortunately, GoPro's App has built-in video editing functions, which make it easy to rotate, zoom and adjust lens distortion. It also supports the keyframe function, so that the user can choose the keyframe animation effect. Similarly, the computer-side GoPro Player software can also perform the same operations. GoPro MAX with these features enhances its user's experience.

GoPro MAX, on the basis of the GoPro motion camera, is more catering to today's Vlog trend, with powerful performance and convenient panoramic shooting function. This is undoubtedly a more friendly panoramic video shooting tool for video creators.

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