Samsung Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Which One is Better?
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Samsung Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Which One is Better?

There is no doubt that true wireless earphones are the most popular earphones at present. Although more and more TWS earphones are launched on the market, we can briefly divide them into two categories: Apple's AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, and others.

AirPods and Powerbeats Pro are equipped with the Apple H1 chip for low latency. That means they can be connected quickly, like traditional wired earphones. 

At the same time, the left and right sides of AirPods and Powerbeats are relatively independent. So you see, it is no exaggeration to say that they are mature true wireless earphones.

However, in February, Samsung released the Galaxy Buds, which are also true wireless earphones. As the successor to the Samsung Gear IconX, they are tuned by AKG. 

Galaxy Buds support wireless charging, and their battery life is nearly 6 hours. At the same time, Galaxy Buds also support the Bixby voice assistant.

The Consumer Report, one of the most influential American magazine, compared the Samsung Galaxy Buds to the AirPods. To our surprise, the result shows that the Galaxy Buds are preferable to the AirPods

That is because the bass of Galaxy Buds is more prominent. The baritone and treble of Galaxy Buds sound more euphonious as well. In general, the music through Galaxy Buds sounds clearer and more dynamic. Even ordinary users can feel the difference between them.

Then, what are the differences between Samsung Galaxy Buds and AirPods? Today I want to share some experience of them with you.

AirPods are light, and Galaxy Buds are firm

There are numerous differences between Galaxy Buds and AirPods. The most apparent differences are the texture of the earphone box and the design of the earbuds.

Unlike the iconic white and glossy outlook of the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds are available in a frosted plastic case and offer three color options: black, white, and yellow.

In my opinion, AirPods are simple and elegant. Unlike AirPods, the bright yellow design of Galaxy Buds means the balance of the statics and dynamics. It looks lively. What's more, the oval charging box makes Galaxy Buds highly recognizable.

As for the front charging indicator light and the charging port on the back, the configurations of AirPods and Galaxy Buds are similar.

In terms of the size, Galaxy Buds are smaller than the AirPods but heavier than AirPods.

At the same time, the Galaxy Buds uses a bean in-ear design. Unlike Galaxy Buds, the AirPods are semi-in-ear. We are not sure which design is better, because they have their advantages. The best is the most suitable. So some people like to wear AirPods, while some people prefer to Galaxy Buds.

For me, both of them are suitable and not easy to drop.

AirPods are very light, only 4 grams each. Hence they won't cause any noticeable discomfort even worn for a long time. For example, I can wear them for half of the day without picking them out.

Galaxy Buds weigh 6 grams, a little heavier than the AirPods. Using the bean design, they don't make me feel uncomfortable. And they are more stable than AirPods when I am running, jumping, lying on the side or sweating.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Sound insulation effect

When wearing the Galaxy Buds, the earbuds will occupy the ear canal to form a sound insulation effect. It is especially useful in noisy stations and coffee shops. I can focus on writing without music.

The soundproofing of the Galaxy Buds is comparable to active noise reduction.

Like the Sony WH-1000X M3, the other Bluetooth earphones I'm using, Samsung also adds the "Ambient Sound" feature to Galaxy Buds. As a result of this, we can hear the conversation clearly without taking off the earbuds.

However, this function is only useful in quiet indoor offices and gyms. If the surrounding is noisy outdoors, you'd better take off the earphones.

Therefore, in terms of design and wearing, AirPods are more comfortable. They are so light that I will not feel tired. I wear them for a long time.

Galaxy Buds are closer to functional headphones. The bean-shaped earbuds are heavier than the AirPods, but the additional weight of 2 grams is for firm wearing and ambient sound function. 

Galaxy Buds provides more customization options than AirPods

When AirPods or Galaxy Buds are connected to products by Apple and Samsung, respectively, there is a dedicated animation window to indicate the successful pairing.

With the Apple H1 chip, AirPods have made a more significant improvement in connection speed and stability. When compared with Galaxy Buds, they also perform excellently.

Of course, Galaxy Buds are not bad in this aspect. As you can see from the results of timing, after flipping the cover of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, the earbuds will be connected to the mobile phone in 2 seconds.

In other words, when you put on your earphones, they have finished the connection.

All in all, both earphones provide a fast connection with products from their own companies. Based on H1 and iCloud information, AirPods support fast switching. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds also provide a seamless switching function. Nevertheless, this function only allows them to work with smartphones, tablets, PCs from Apple and Samsung, respectively. 

In terms of interaction, in the "Settings" of iOS, a double-click action is provided to control AirPods, so we can handle the earphones by double-clicking on AirPods. 

For instance, by double-clicking the left of AirPods, you can play or pause music, by double-clicking the right ear, you can skip to the next song. Meanwhile, when the phone rings, you can answer the phone by double-clicking either of the earphone.

Also, when connected to Apple Devices, these devices display the remaining battery power of AirPods in the "Battery" module.

For Galaxy Buds, Samsung provides the Galaxy Wearable as a dedicated setting page for earphones. It's a bit like the management card of the Mijia app and the Apple Homekit. It is convenient for us to manage Galaxy earbuds, bracelets as well as watches.

In other words, the Galaxy Wearable is the app that manages all Samsung wearable devices.

There are various customizable functions in the software. In addition to the most basic remaining power, we can adjust the sound effect of the earphones in the equalizer. Besides, we can also set the earphones to automatically read new notices, touch gestures of the earphones, the environmental sound effect, as well as the function of finding earphones.

Galaxy Wearable Settings

As missing the earbuds is quite common, both earbuds provide you with the function of finding the earbuds in the OS of the mobile phone.

iOS users can enable the buzz sound of AirPods through "Find My iPhone," so do users of Galaxy Wearable. Of course, the pre-condition is that the smartphone and the earbuds must be within the connection range.

"Find My iPhone" can be used to search for AirPods.

It is also worth mentioning that both earphones lack essential functions when connecting to devices made by other manufacturers other than their own.

For example, when AirPods are connected to an Android mobile phone, the gesture control of the headset cannot function normally. Galaxy Buds can be paired with other Android devices through Galaxy Wearable. 

But with IOS or other systems, they perform like traditional earphones, and we can only use them to listen to music or answer phone calls.

AirPods release your hands, Galaxy Buds allow you to control smart household appliances

The H1 chip brings a lovely function to the new AirPods. When we say "Hey, Siri", AirPods allow users to free their hands. We don't need to give instructions to mobile phones.

"Hey, Siri" provides an excellent interactive experience for AirPods users. Siri can help us make a phone call, send a text message, take a note, check the GPS navigation without having to take out a mobile phone.

Samsung adds Bixby to Galaxy Buds. However, different from the voice command of AirPods, Galaxy Buds require you to press the earphones for a long time to wake up the voice assistant. Besides, Samsung provides two modes for us, including Bixby and Google Assistant, while Apple can only support Siri.

It should be pointed out that Bixby can answer some simple questions immediately without hesitation, such as checking the weather forecast, the time, or other functions of the system.

Since last year, Samsung had started to develop the linkage between Bixby and IoT smart home appliances. By using Bixby, you can control smart refrigerators, speakers, TVs, etc. in the home.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Sound Quality

The sound of Galaxy Buds is in a distinct personal style. We can find that their high frequency is prominent. At the same time, the music tends to be cold.

Nonetheless, there is a resemblance between Galaxy Buds and the new AirPods. The voices of them are relatively backward and loose.

When the background sound is relatively simple, Galaxy Buds can restore the details of the human voice, and also highlight the advantages of audio resolution.

If the equalizer of Samsung is not turned on, the amount of Galaxy Buds' low-frequency sound is relatively low. And it sounds a little thin.

Although drumbeats and other percussion instruments can be accurately restored, they sound "digital" in a lack of elasticity in the intonation.

Fortunately, users can adjust the output effect of earphones through the equalizer of the system. It helps to supplement the under-performance of headsets.

On the whole, the Galaxy Buds feature an outstanding personal style. It is the most significant difference between them and AirPods.

Maybe Galaxy Buds can't adapt to all styles of music like AirPods, but their marvelous sound style will impress you.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Call Quality

As for the sound of AirPods and Galaxy Buds, I prefer listening to music by using Galaxy Buds because Galaxy Buds are equipped with equalizers for a more immersive experience. In terms of call quality, I would prefer AirPods.

The charging boxes support wireless charging (AirPods must be wireless charging version).

After turning on the "wireless PowerShare" of Galaxy S10, you can charge the AirPods or Galaxy Buds anywhere. It is therefore very convenient for people like me who often go out and use earphones.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Talk Time

The new AirPods can last 3 hours and 6 minutes for phone calls, which is one hour longer than the previous-generation product. The duration is even longer than the officially stated 3 hours.

As for Galaxy Buds, they support about 6 hours of call in a row. There is no doubt that they can satisfy the daily use for most users.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Charging

To do a test on the charging efficiency of 5 minutes, I put AirPods and Galaxy Buds into their original charging boxes and observed the charging efficiency in a short time.

The experiment shows that the power of Galaxy Buds varied from 45% to 55% in five minutes, while that of AirPods ranged from 49% to 70%.

Overall, AirPods have an advantage in charging efficiency, but Galaxy Buds' battery life is longer than AirPods.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods: Maintenance

It is worth mentioning that iFixit recently disassembled the Galaxy Buds and gave a repairable score of 6 points. It means that Galaxy Buds are easier to take apart and repair than the AirPods, which scored 0. Still, improvements can be made in the design and technology of Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy Buds can be disassembled easily to replace the battery, so they are more reliable than disposable products. Of course, I believe Samsung can do better in process and design.


In the past few weeks, I have delved into AirPods and Galaxy Buds. I think these two products provide users with more than basic functions. They perform more like smart wearable devices at a high level.

It can be said that TWS earbuds are the electronic products that are best suited to us. So undoubtedly, they are smart wearable devices that will be further developed.

As for how to choose AirPods and Galaxy Buds, it depends on what your mobile phone is.

If you are a loyal user of Apple, AirPods will be your best choice, because they are light, elegant, and can seamlessly connect to Apple devices, which are incomparable to other products.

However, if you use an Android mobile phone, you will be satisfied with Galaxy Buds, because they support all kinds of Android devices.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you should choose them without hesitation, because the interconnected control between mobile phone and earphones is the essence of the product.

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