Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro Smartphone Review – A Little More
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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro Smartphone Review – A Little More

Case, Equipment and Operation - High Quality and Opulent

The Mi Note 10 Pro is the international version of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition, and it has the best camera rating in the Dxomark, just behind the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. But we don't rely on that, of course, and do our own tests to see how the slightly improved version of Mi Note 10 performs.

Let's first take a look at the case: There are no differences to the Mi Note 10. There are once again the three colors blue-green, white and black, all with elaborate light refraction on the back. This makes the device look quite high-end, but there is no IP certification for protection against water or dust. There are no differences to the Mi Note 10 in size and weight.

However, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro comes with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB mass storage. That's a lavish configuration, but Xiaomi charges an extra 100 euro, which isn't a small amount, according to the current price level on the internet. You can't expand the memory via microSD, but there is NFC, two SIM slots and an infrared blaster, which is otherwise rarely found.

In terms of WLAN, the Mi Note 10 Pro is rather a bit below the speed of other smartphones in its class, at a very similar level to the Mi Note 10.

Cameras - Even Sharper

Recording front camera
At first glance, the camera specs look just as massive as on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10: a main camera with up to 108 megapixels of resolution, plus four additional lenses on the back with wide-angle, telephoto and macro focal lengths. 
The only difference in the Mi Note 10 Pro is that the main lens has one more lens, making a total of 8 lenses. More lenses per lens are usually used to compensate for colour errors or distortion. Xiaomi does not give any information about the function of the additional lens in the main lens, but maybe we can shed some light on this with . 

With the help of the additional lenses, a 5x optical zoom is possible, which also works in fine steps, and with the help of optical image stabilizers, the image is protected against blurring. 
Videos can be recorded in 4K at a maximum of 30 fps. We really like the image quality here, but optical zoom is not possible during recording. 
The front camera with its lush 32 megapixels also takes sharp and detailed pictures.

Sub-pixel Array

In our brightness test we didn't achieve quite as high a score as the Xiaomi Mi 10, but the Mi 10 Pro is still on a class level. Apart from that, the AMOLED screen's values are quite similar: quick response times, relatively small color deviations and a slightly visible blue cast.

All in all, it's great that Xiaomi uses a high-quality screen with HDR support, which is by no means common in this price range.

Display Response Times

ℹDisplay response times show how fast the screen is able to change from one color to the next. Slow response times can lead to afterimages and can cause moving objects to appear blurry (ghosting). Gamers of fast-paced 3D titles should pay special attention to fast response times.

The frequency of 255 Hz is relatively high, so most users sensitive to PWM should not notice any flickering. However, there are reports that some users are still sensitive to PWM at 500 Hz and above, so be aware.

In comparison: 51 % of all tested devices do not use PWM to dim the display. If PWM was detected, an average of 13570 (minimum: 43 - maximum: 2500000) Hz was measured.

Power Would Be Good

In terms of performance, our Xiaomi phone actually gets a bit more problems in the test than the cheaper Mi Note 10 due to the higher price: In the price range around 600 euro, many smartphones with high-end SoCs are already on the road, whereas our test device relies on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, which has decent performance values for everyday use, but can't hold a candle to a Snapdragon 855+ in the OnePlus 7T, for example. The Galaxy A90 also has much greater performance reserves.

The tests with the Mi Note 10, which also relies on this SoC, have shown that gaming is also quite possible, but if you are looking for high-end power in your smartphone, the Mi Note 10 Pro might disappoint you.

The temperature development is not critical: the Mi Note 10 Pro's outer shell always stays cool. The loudspeaker on the bottom edge seems to be the same as the Mi Note 10, at least it offers an almost identical sound. The speaker does its job properly, doesn't distort and can get quite loud. Headphones can be connected via the 3.5mm jack, as well as via Bluetooth. Both work perfectly.

Our Xiaomi Mi Phone also does very well in terms of battery life: We are very satisfied with 18:32 hours in our WLAN test and Xiaomi is allowed to pat herself on the back: "You have to search a long time before you find such a persistent smartphone.

Conclusion - Great Camera, Lasts Very Long

If the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has too little memory, or if you're generally a fan of plenty of room for data, the choice is clear: The Mi Note 10 Pro offers a very lavish memory configuration with 256 GB UFS 2.0 flash, even for its price range. However, with just under 600 euro, it's not such a big bargain anymore as the Mi Note 10 in its price range.

This is mainly due to the fact that you can get partly much more powerful devices for around 600 euro, which also offer even faster WLAN.

The advantages of the Mi Note 10 Pro are the great screen with HDR support, the great camera, which is even slightly improved in detail compared to the Mi Note 10 and the eternally long runtimes of the smartphone, which it has in common with the Mi Note 10.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is a well-equipped smartphone with a good camera, only in terms of performance it could be even faster.

If the price goes down a bit, the Xiaomi smartphone should become even more interesting. It's not a price-performance hit for just under 600 euro, mainly because of its too low performance, but it's also not a bad offer. Overall, the phone is, like its smaller brother, definitely recommendable.

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